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HGSS Tournament!


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Hey All!


Sadly CopyXieeede has gone missing.... So, I've taken over the running of the HGSS Tournament..


Copied from the previous thread:



- Only the listed sets will be allowed. Please try to prepare your decks appropriate. B&W-reprints will be okay.

- Every good old deck strategy will be welcome.

- One round will contain two battles for each couple of players. This means you will need two wins to progress.

- It's not allowed to use bugs or glitches.

- It may be possible that the game cuts the onlinelink. If that happens in a battle, please report it to your opponent at the next possibility and start a rematch. Please don't simply shut down the game if you are about to lose. Noone can control it, but I think most of us are fair players and old enough not to cheat.

- We all live in different countries all over the world. So please be patient, that some of us will take some time to date a battle, because of the time lag.

- Same chances for all! I am not open for bribery in any way.

- Most important rule: Have fun!




Allowed Sets:

HeartGold & SoulSilver Basis Set

HS - Unleashed

HS - Undounted

HS - Triumphant

HS - Call of Legends

Forbidden Sets:

Black & White Basis Set

BW - Emerging Powers

BW - Noble Victories

BW - Next Destinies

BW - Dark Explorers

BW - Boundaries Crossed

BW - Dragons Exalted




01. pkmnkingnik

02. Andreas4

03. jackjack012

04. Kingworldpeace

05. Tomtoo

06. yelsha

07. AlexManectric

08. golfer570




Results: Round 1


pkmnkingnik VS yelsha

Andreas4 VS AlexManectric

golfer570 VS Kingworldpeace

jackjack012 VS Tomtoo


Latest Round of Battles: Round 2


pkmnkingnik VS Kingworldpeace

Andreas4 VS Tomtoo

golfer570 VS yelsha

jackjack012 VS AlexManectric


I've decided given how rare pure HGSS battles are, to make this a round robin tournament.


The League Table is as follows:


01. Kingworldpeace (2-0)

02. AlexManectric (1-0)

03. Tomtoo (1-0)

04. pkmnkingnik (1-1)

05. jackjack012 (0-1)

06. yelsha (0-1)

07. Andreas4 (0-1)

08. golfer570 (0-1)

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i already fail


Andreas4, it's Round Robin format. You will battle EVERY trainer before the league is over :) You have 6 battles left - win or lose!

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