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LordJebus' FREE GRAB!!!


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Welcome FREE CARD fans to LordJebus' FREE GRAB!!!


FREE GRAB is a sweepstakes I hold in the Trading Post occasionally where players race to grab fantastic deals and free cards! Don't believe me? See the list of previous winners in posts below!

Entering the FREE GRABs is easy, just follow these steps:


1. Join the Trading Post lobby during a FREE GRAB,

I will post here if there is a GRAB planned for today. There will also likely be mention of an ongoing GRAB in other lobbies (a few sore losers are claiming this is a scam and encouraging people not to join in but you can ask any of our previous winners or just sit in on a game and watch people win FREE CARDS!)


2. When a FREE GRAB starts I will announce a price card.

In order to win the sweepstake you will need the price card, I try to ensure the price is as common as possible and a card that most people have no use for. I also ask what cards people have and don't want to find the closest price to a free entry, if you don't win you keep your price card so you can keep trying!


3. Once a price is established I will announce a prize (or a mystery prize!).

The prize will either be multiples of the same card as the price essentially making the grab completely free as you get back the price and much more, or the prize could be one or more rarer cards (see previous winners below for a list of prizes won). Occasionally there are special mystery rounds where I will not announce the prize and players must search the public trade system for the GRAB.


4. Go to Public Trade on the Trade tab and type in the name of the prize into the search bar.

The offer will not come up until it goes LIVE so you will have to wait a few seconds. During mystery grabs since you won't know the name of the prize you will have to try lots of different cards.


5. When the GRAB goes LIVE the first person to accept the trade wins!

If you cannot see the offer you may need to hit refresh, you may not have the correct price card, or the GRAB may have already been won. Most GRABs last only a second or even less depending on server traffic and the number of players so don't be surprised if you don't see many of the GRABs, just keep trying, you have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.


Once the GRAB has been won I will announce and congratulate the winner, most players join in the congratulations at this point and banter is encouraged. If there is another GRAB coming up I will announce it at this point.




Since many players experience game crashes after a while (it is a beta after all) I highly recommend quitting and restarting your game every now and again, this will also speed up the game a little giving you a better chance to win. I will also reset my game during breaks which I will announce.


Type the prize, not the price into the search bar! Lots of players have found that they couldn't see any of the grabs only to discover they were typing in the wrong card into the search, the same goes for ensuring you are in the Public trade section, not the Private trade!


3 letters is all you need! When searching for a card you only need to type three letters that appear in that order in the card name to search for it (for example, Pikachu can be found with "pik", "ika", "chu" and so on). This will help in looking for mystery prizes but may hinder normal GRABS as more cards are likely to appear which will take longer to load (stay well clear of groups of letters that appear in the phrase "trainer card" as lots of trade offers will appear)


Try hitting the refresh button just before the GRAB goes LIVE to have the best chance of winning, I post the trade before I type "LIVE" but after I type "1" so this is the best time to refresh


Most people are kind, if the prize is not very valuable most players who have won multiple times will bow out of the round to allow others to win. The general rule for this is 3 wins although I will not enforce it as a rule, most players are happy to comply. I will announce low value and high value rounds to give more players a chance to win whilst giving repeat winners a reason to stay.


Well I think that is everything, good luck and most importantly have fun!


The next FREE GRAB will take place at: (to be revealed), over in the Trading Post. be there for a chance to win!

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For those who missed last night's episode of LordJebus' FREE GRAB, you will get another chance! See the above post for details. Last night's winners were:


MasterPep - 10x pokéball

DarkCore01 - 10x potion

DarkCore01 - 10x venipede

sheltonator - 10x switch

Mujet100 - 10x sneasel

Kromiscon45 - Milotic

AlexManectric - Gold Reshiram/Zekrom Coin

AlexManectric - 5x Riolu

Mefftu - 3x Mienshou

Mefftu - 4x Ninetails

AlexManectric - 4x Raichu

Mefftu - Zekrom

Mefftu - (Hidden) Yanmega Prime

1mil456 - 4x Cilan

AlexManectric - Alph Lithograph

1mil456 - Zekrom Ex (promo)

1mil456 - Luxray

alex504405 - Snorlax(rev holo)

DarkCore01 - Red Sparkle Victini coin

1mil456 - Pichu

Kromiscon45 - ******* Wall

DarkCore01 - (Hidden) Zapdos

Mefftu - 19x Skitty!

DarkCore01 - 3x EXP share

Mefftu - 2x Gliscor(rev holo)

DarkCore01 - Emboar

1mil456 - Copmuter Search!


Well done to our winners and bad luck to our non-winners! I have also made a multi-screen grab of the winners list which I can't post here, if anyone wants the link just ask!

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Another night of FREE GRAB comes to a close! Here are tonight's winners:


Mefftu - Salamence

LetsDoThis27 - Silver Accelgor & Escavalier Coin

Villy94 - Charizard

matthew69 - (Hidden) Typhlosion Prime

Mefftu - (Hidden)Zoroark B&W

whachusayin - 2x Heavy ball

Villy94 - Black Kyurem EX FA

Mefftu - Rayquaza (record speed)

iiimeee - Flygon

Villy94 - 4x Shaymin

Mefftu - 2x Reshiram

Biochemist - (Hidden) 3x Haxorus

Biochemist - (Hidden) Golden Altaria


Congratulations once again to our winners! Stick around for more FREE GRAB in the future!

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After that unfortunately long break, I will be starting the free grab again some time in the next few weeks. More details to follow as soon as they are available!

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After that unfortunately long break, I will be starting the free grab again some time in the next few weeks. More details to follow as soon as they are available!

i always liked this idea. you da man.

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i always liked this idea. you da man.


Thanks, I'm glad that someone likes it. I got a lot more negative than positive feedback during the initial run and considered packing it in all together. Instead I'm giving it another go once Plasma Storm hits, we'll see how it goes this time.

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Hm, what an interesting idea. I will be keeping an eye on this and hoping the free grabs don't take place during the times I have class.

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