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1.0.71 Build Notes | December 12, 2012


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Today's build focused primarily on bug fixes and backend tools. In addition to these improvements, Play Types have been implemented for Versus Mode.


Play Types

While in Versus Mode, players select one of three Play Types when searching for a match. These Play Types come with various restrictions on deck construction, ranging from any card in your collection to Theme Decks only. Players will only face opponents who have selected the same Play Type.


Theme Deck: Players can only use Theme Decks. Custom decks are not permitted in this format.


Unlimited: The Unlimited format allows players to use a deck containing cards from any expansion available in the game. Players can use any Theme Deck or Custom Deck in their collection if Unlimited is selected.


Modified: The Modified format is the standard tournament format for all Play! Pokémon events. Expansions are added to the Modified format as they are released, and the oldest legal expansions are rotated out of the Modified format on an annual basis. The current Modified format permits the use of cards from the Black & White expansion and all later expansions. Players can use any Black & White or later Theme Deck, or a Custom Deck containing only Black & White or later cards if Modified is selected.


Updates to the Known Issues posts will occur over the course of the next few days. If you experience a problem with the new build, please check the Known Card Bugs and Known Game Bugs threads first. If your issue doesn’t appear in that list over the course of the next few days, please post it in the Open Beta & Support forums or go to the Pokémon Support Portal to notify us of the issue.


Thanks for your continued support!

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