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Has anyone else had this happen? Random Receiver to end your turn?


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Has anyone else accicdently ended their turn after playing random reciever because the "ok" button is directly over the "end turn" button?


If the computer or game lags just a bit, of if your mouse is a little worn out, or you just press too hard in the heat of the moment... regardless of why, it's extremely aggrivating. Most times people wont show any mercy. It's cost me more than a few matches.


Seriously, why does the Okay button need to be there? I know I can't be the only one who's wanted to tear his hair out while saying "NO I didn't end my turn I was just clicking OK!!!!"

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It may be because as soon you click 'OK' from Random Receiver, you accidentally double click (or your mouse is messed up) and clicks 'End Turn'.

I'm not having problems with this. I'm almost certain it's not to do with the client.

my mouse isnt damaged. has happened to me 5 times. and if theres a tool on hydreigon you cant select any energies on it

If you want to move Energies from Hydreigon if it has a tool attached, you'll have to use the Magnify box and then use the arrows to browse through the cards attached to him. Then you can find and select the Energy to move, though I haven't had this problem. yet. I'm able to move all Energy around flawlessly without tools interfering.

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