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Complete Unobtainable Card List


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This is a list I've thrown together of every card I think is unobtainable from each set. I will do some research and update each card on whether it may come from a theme deck or not. This list is to help clean up the collection database of unobtainable cards and help users catch em all. Currently, these cards account for ~2.76% of overall completion.


If you think you have any of these cards please make a post and we can get it verified and taken off the list. Thanks!


Filters: These cards are sorted by "Set, Card Number", Set view to "Tile", and make sure you check the show all box.


Card Name, Card Number, Card orientation after Filters are applied (counting from left to right)



Grass 123/123

Fire 124/123

Water 125/123

Lightning 126/123

Psychic 127/123

Fighting 128/123

Dark 129/123

Metal 130/123


HeartGold & SoulSilver:

Azumarill 2/123, 3rd

Clefable 3/123, 3rd

Gyarados 4/123, 3rd *Possibly from HS Trainer Kit which is unavailable online

Hitmontop 5/123, 1st

Jumpluff 6/123, 1st

Ninetales 7/123, 1st

Noctowl 8/123, 1st

Quagsire 9/123, 3rd

Raichu 10/123, 1st *Possibly from HS Trainer Kit which is unavailable online

Shuckle 11/123, 1st

Slowking 12/123, 3rd

Wobbuffet 13/123, 1st

Feraligatr 20/123, 2nd *Possibly from Mind Flood Theme Deck which is unavailable online

Meganium 26/123, 2nd *Possibly from Growth Clash Theme Deck which is unavailable online

Typhlosion 32/123, 2nd *Possibly from Ember Spark Theme Deck which is unavailable online

Gyarados 123/123, 3rd



Jirachi 1/95, 3rd

Manaphy 3/95, 3rd

Metagross 4/95, 3rd

Mismagius 5/95, 3rd *Possibly from Chaos Control Theme Deck which is unavailable online

Octillery 6/95, 1st

Politoed 7/95, 1st

Shaymin 8/95, 3rd

Sudowoodo 9/95, 3rd

Xatu 11/95, 1st

Steelix 24/95, 1st *Possibly from Steel Sentinel Theme Deck which is unavailable online

Tyranitar 26/95, 1st *Possibly from Chaos Control Theme Deck which is unavailable online



Forretress 3/90, 1st

Gliscor 4/90, 3rd

Houndoom 5/90, 3rd

Magcargo 6/90, 3rd

Scizor 7/90, 1st

Smeargle 8/90, 3rd



Aggron 1/102, 1st

Altaria 2/102, 3rd

Celebi 3/102, 1st

Drapion 4/102, 1st

Porygon-Z 7/102, 3rd

Rapidash 8/102, 1st

Solrock 9/102, 3rd

Spiritomb 10/102, 3rd

Victreebel 12/102, 3rd


Call of Legends:

Deoxys 2/95, 3rd

Lucario 14/95, 2nd *Possibly from Retort Theme Deck which is unavailable online

Tangrowth 34/95, 1st *Possibly from Recon Theme Deck which is unavailable online


Black & White:



Black & White - Emerging Powers:



Black & White - Noble Victories:



Black & White - Next Destinies:

Moltres 14/99, 3rd

Articuno 27/99, 1st

Vanillux 33/99, 3rd

Zapdos 41/99, 3rd

Gardevoir 57/99, 3rd

Lucario 34/99, 3rd

Cincinno 85/99, 3rd


Black & White - Dark Explorers:

Venusaur 3/108, 1st

Blaziken 17/108, 1st

Volcarona 22/108, 3rd

Eelektross 47/108, 1st

Klinklang 77/108, 2nd

Blissey 82/108, 3rd

Haxorus 89/108, 1st


Black & White - Dragons Exalted:

Ninetales 19/124, 3rd

Wailord 26/124, 1st

Ampharos 40/124, 2nd

Sigilyph 52/124, 3rd

Garbodor 54/124, 1st

Gigalith 67/124, 3rd

Aggron 80/124, 1st

Altaria 84/124, 3rd

Garchomp 90/124, 3rd

Hydreigon 97/124, 1st

Slaking 103/124, 3rd


Black & White - Boundaries Crossed:



Dragon Vault:




Pansage BW11, 1st *Extra copy.

Zorua BW12, 2nd *Extra copy.

Minccino BW13 *Has never been made available. Extra copy.

Pansage BW14 *Wrong art. Has a bug when scrolling over, it gets skipped.

Darumaka BW18, 1st *Extra copy.

Zoroark BW19, 1st *Extra copy.

Scraggy BW25 *Has never been made available. Extra copy.

Riolu BW33, 1st *Extra copy.

Luxio BW34, 1st *Extra copy.

Kyurem BW44, 1st *Extra copy.


The only reason I listed promo's is because I can't begin to imagine we will ever be offered 2 versions of the same promo and the problem with multiple copies needs to be addressed since it hurts the statistics on collecting. I know there are plans/ideas for the promo's and how to release them to us, but lets face it, most of these are extremely old and probably wont be released anytime soon. I know I have suggested this in other threads but it just makes sense to only tally up our total collection based on taking these cards out of the equation until they are released. Obviously the database needs to be scrubbed a bit of most of these cards that just don't belong and it is strictly the purpose of this thread to bring these cards to attention. In all reality, a simple fix would be to not count said cards towards completion stats. When a promo or league card becomes available just add a 1 to the total cards in the equation. Easy Peasy.

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Impresive work.


I wonder if they have the list or will now user yours?


And I assume some of them are programming bugs that may be harder to fix then we assume they are.

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Hello Spiritking96,


In order to maintain organization and prevent confusion within the forums, posting in threads that have been inactive for more than 14 days is not permitted. As it has been quite a bit longer than 14 days, I'll be closing this thread.


You can read more about this rule and others by clicking the Forum Rules link near the bottom of the page.


Thanks for your understanding!

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