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Klinklang Decks BW-Onwards


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This is the official thread to post Klinklang deck lists and ideas. This one I came up with focuses on attacking with Black Kyurem EX and its been doing quite well


Deck 1:




3-1-3 Klinklang BW

3 Black Kyurem EX [Full Art]

2 Victini A [Full Art]

2 Keldeo EX [Full Art]

2 Darkrai EX [Full Art]




3 X Eviolite

3 X Heavy Ball

4 X Max Potion

3 X Pokemon Catcher

3 X Rare Candies

1 X Super Rod

3 X Ultra Ball

1 X Computer Search





4 Juniper

4 N

3 Skyla





4 Metal

4 Blend

4 Prism

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i have messed around with black kyrem in an eel deck, only problem: keldeo tends to ruin everything he wants to do. heres my kilinklang list iv been using. done pretty hot with it, 15 wins, 3 games lost.


4x klink




1x cobalion(NV)

2x keldeo ex

2x darkrai ex

1x terrakion ex

1x sigiliph

1x cresselia ex


1x computer search

3x heavy ball

4x max potion

4x pokemon catcher

3x rare candy

3x ultra ball


3x cheren

4x N

4x proffesor juniper

2x skyla


5x metel energy

4x blend energy(WSFE)

4x prism energy


seems like a mess at first, but its pretty sweet when it gets going. darkrai, keldeo and klinklang as the base, terrakion for darkrai and eelz decks ( i put him over landy ex due to landys weakness and his last attack throwing away energy which is bad for any klinklang deck). cobalion is nice for sigiliphs or anthing that's stuck in the active position and cant get out without a darkrai, but since i am already running sigilph myself, it seems kind of pointless so i have conteplated taking him out. creeselia ex is my secret weapon against mewtwo. i wont drop her until i have all the energy on the board to attack and the opponet has a mewtwo in the active. her attack 1 shots the mewtwo and then psychic protection prevents another mewtwo in revenging her. any thoughts on the deck?

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Well from what I HAVE!



2x colbalion NV

2x mew ex

2x darkrai ex

1x groudon ex

1x kyogre ex

1x mewtwo ex

1x shaymin ex

2-2-2 Klingklang ability line

2-1-2 empoleon line

x 1 stunfisk/ revenge boufoulant 23pokemons


x3 max potion

x3 skyla

x3 rare candy

x2 N

x2 Juniper

x2 pokemon collector (lol)

x1 heavy ball

x2 ultra ball

x1 catcher

x1 computer search

x1 tool scrapper( always just the one for garbodor ability)

x2 interviewers question

x 1 super rod 24 trainers


x2 rainbow energy

x2 special metal energy

x 4 blend(WSFE) energy

x 3 prism energy

x 1 water energy

x 1 DC energy 13 energies



i guess because i have older cards like collector and interviewer questions it doesnt really count. but u can see i dont even need 'heavy balls' thx 2 'collector' and the deck runs on speacil energy hence 'cilan' is no good.

but i say mew is a good additon in the deck if played carfully and prism energy enables to use any opponents attack.

also rainbow eergy helps rettreat kilingklang if it is catchered


as u can see my main difference is empoleon, mew/empoleon can use its attackk for one energy whilst keep safe the other energies. and it is me replacing keldeo ex which i dont have and is hard hitting to landrus ex.


prefered terrakin NV/ Landorus ex over stunfisk. and just that one extra catcher can make alot of different as i run skyla, it can be used as all pkemons can potentially knock out an ex.


well als wins 16 played 21.


and i did play many whom conceded whch somewhat does not get counted in. i concede half the amount of getting conceded at.

mostly the reasons either i clcik on the wrong card when using ultra ball, compute search and even skyla... happenes 2 me alot and is obvious to the opponent 2 searched for a random card :)

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