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Pokemon Team Training


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Hello, I am Fred and I can EV train, level up, and Iv breed Pokemon!! (Two IV's max)

My prices aren't that high. I perfer not to make a whole team all in one order.


What is EV training?:EV training is advanced training that gives a Pokemon higher stats. I can't EV train a Pokemon if knocked out about 5 Pokemon. If you give a lvl 1 pokemon to EV train then it will come out with the highest stats when it reaches lvl 100. Up to two stats can be gained from EV training.


What is IV breeding?:IV breeding is much more advanced than EV training!!! It gives a egg Pokemon Extra stat points. Up to 31 points can be gained from IV breeding.


Note:I am looking for people to help me out with orders.


Orders placed:EV train and IV Litwick for kdoll (EV train in Sp.Attack and Speed. IV breed in Sp.Attack)

Workers:Fred and Saints


Fred's wants:Life orbs. Any legends. Lucky Eggs. Via Egg move Pokemon. Any Shiny Pokemon. Or any thing else I can agree with.

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I will IV it in Sp.Attack and EV train it in Sp.Attack and Speed.

I'm not sure about the price. It will be cheap I can tell you that. Do you have two good Pokemon or items that I can share with Saints and my self? Saints do you want to EV train it or IV breed it.

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I am IV breeding. Do you want a good nature.....

I am have a modest litwick with heat wave. I am going to give it a everstone and start breeding for good IV's I'll be done very soon.

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