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Dragon Club


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Welcome to Dragon Club! If you love Dragon-type Pokemon this a must-join club for you! Here you can talk about Dragon-type Pokemon. Space is limited, so join today!




Dragon-type Pokemon(basic, no legendaries):




Double posting has to be reasonable, no triple posting

Respect others

Have fun!!!!!!




To evolve, you have to post a # of posts. For the 1st evolution, you need to post 50 times. For the 2nd evolution you need to post 100 times.




Axew (TrainerDiagla)

Deino (Fred2222)

Horsea (Saints5)

Gible (FireDragon505)

Swablu (emboarmaster14)

Trapinch (SpectrumGlass)

Bagon (kdoll154)


And if you want, you can make your signature based on your Pokemon like I did. (See below.)

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Both of you are in! Anyway......

QUESTION: What are your guys favorite legendary Dragon-type Pokemon?

Mine's Diagla. (obviously my screen name)

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I would say giratina too.Hmm,what kind of dragon can i be...

Does scraggy count?it's in the dragon egg group...

If not I'll chose bagon.It is pretty cool when it grows up.

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