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Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Mac client never patches or launches on my computer


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If you are running into issues with your game not patching or launching on your computer, don’t worry! Just follow the steps below and you will be battling other players in no time!


1. First, open the Application folder on your computer




2. Drag both The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online.app and Refresher.app files into the Trash.




3. Click on the Trash icon and empty the Trash from your computer. This will bring up a pop up window asking you to verify that you wish to permanently delete these files from your computer. Confirm this action by clicking the “Empty Trash” button.




4. Visit the download client page http://www.pokemontcg.com/download and download the latest downloadable game client DMG file onto your computer.




5. After you download the game client file on to your computer, open the game DMG file.




6. Drag the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.app and Refresher.app to the Applications folder in the DMG file.




7. Start the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.app on your computer.




8. A message may appear similar to the one below informing you that the app was downloaded from the internet and it requires confirmation that you want to open it. We will proceed with this step and select the Open button on the message.




9. After The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.app is run, the game will be patched.




10. After the game is patched and the game loads, the Login Screen should appear. Make sure to verify that your game is on version 1.0.55A:31. This will be located on the bottom right corner of the Login Screen.




Now all you have to do is log in and enjoy the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Downloadable Client! To prevent any issues from occurring during this process, make sure follow each step. Skipping a step will cause issues and you will have to attempt it again. Remember to verify that after doing this process, your game is using version 1.0.55A:31.

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