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My Cards for your Packs!


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So I've been able to get most of what I need for my decks, which makes the game seem kind of boring, outside the actual playing of the decks. However, I do enjoy opening packs...so I'm gonna trade some of my pretty popular haves to get some openings going.



Packs (Boundaries Crossed, Dark Explorers, Next Destinies, or Dragons Exalted, in that order of preference)



Note - I'm listing what I value the cards at. If you want to make an offer, especially if you want to purchase a few, a deal might be made.

Gold Catcher - Only trading for reg. Catcher + 8 packs.

Yes, it's a little high, but hey, it'd be my only reason to trade it.

Landorus EX-8 packs

Celebi EX FA - 5 packs

Computer Search - 5 Packs

Gold Potion - 3 Packs

Dusknoir - 2 Packs (will include evolutionary line at request)

Flygon - 2 Packs (will include evolutionary line at request)

Max Potion - 2 Packs

Altaria (Flight Song) - 2 Packs


Pick any 3 of the following for 2 Packs

Or make offers depending on how many/what you want.

I might have multiples, so feel free to ask!

Accelgor (Duck and Cover)

Aggron (ability)

Amoongus (ability)

Ampharos (ability)

Audino (ability)

Beartic (Icy Wing, Sheer Cold, or Daunt)

Black Kyurem


Blissey (ability)

Bouffilant (ability)

Bronzong (ability)

Charizard (BC)

Darmanitan (MAX)

Emboar (ability, BC)

Garchomp (no Ability)

Gardevoir (ability)

Keldeo (Slicing Blade, Rising Lunge)




Reshiram (Outrage)

Sableye (Junk Hunt)

Scizor (BC)

Scolipede (ability)

Serperior (BC)

Shaymin (BC)

Shiftry (ability)

Stoutland (ability)

Swoobat (BC)


Toxicroak (BC)

Vanilluxe (ability)

Victini (BC)

Vileplume (ability)

Virizion (Giga Drain)

White Kyurem



Depending on what you want, we can make a deal, none of these are FA.

Aspertia City Gym (1 holo, 5 non)

Bianca x1

Cheren x8

Cilan x3

Devolution Spray x3

Energy Search x6

Enhanced Hammer x1

EXP Share x2

Giant Cape x2

Great Ball (x1 holo, 7 non)

Heavy Ball x3

Hugh x11

N x2

Old Amber Aerodactyl x2

Poke Ball x13

Pokemon Center (1 holo, 3 non)

Potion (3 holo, 4 non)

Professor Juniper x4

Random Reciever (1 holo, 4 non)

Rare Candy x2

Recycle (1 holo, 4 non)

Rescue Scarf x3

Rocky Helmet x9

Skyarrow Bridge x4

Skyla (2 holo, 2 non)

Switch (1 holo, 9 non)

Town Map x3

Twist Mountail x1

Ultra Ball x4



Double Colorless Energy (1 holo, 1 non)

Prism Energy x3

Blend GFPD x1

Blend WEFS x1


Send offers here or add me in-game, let's do some business!

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To both Pokedan and tyranitar, I added you in game. When you accept, I'll send the trade offers.


Thanks for your patronage!


Edit - Okay, apparently in this game, the second you add someone as a friend, you can trade with them as one, which is cool I guess. However:


Pokedan: You don't have any packs tagged for trade.

tyranitar: You don't have ANYTHING tagged for trade.


So, yeah, either tag the stuff or send me the offers, either way works. I'm almost looking for Dark Explorers packs more, but Boundaries Crossed packs still work.

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I fixed that, but you don't have anything tagged either.


Game glitches are so lovely. I have an EXTENSIVE binder, tons of haves and some wants, but half the time, neither load. When is beta version going to end? :P

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