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Questions about trading


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How do you check people's binders? (I assume by "binder" they mean cards that they tagged for trade)


What does it mean to "tag for review"?


Also, when you tag a card for trade, how do you make sure you only want one of them? For example, I only want to trade one of my ultra balls.


Lastly, does anyone else run into this problem where they want to add one card to a deck, but it adds all of them instead (either that or four)? It goes away once I quit and sign back on, but I'm wondering if there's some function I'm not aware of that's causing this.

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1. New Private Trade - Search their name, click and see what they have. Tip: You can only search for someone's name if they're in your main lobby or on your friends list.


2. There's a seperate section for cards tagged for review. It doesn't really accomplish anything, use as you see fit. I used to use it to tag my more valuable cards so I'd know what to offer people. You can use it to tag cards for a deck idea or whatever you feel like.


3. If you tag a card, you tag all of them. Just be aware of how many you trade.


4. I haven't had that issue, but this game is so **** glitchy, nothing surpsises me.

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