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New at this and need to know if this trade is worth it.


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I pulled a Gold pokemon catcher and am getting offers left right and center for it. Considering im really new to this and dont have a clue about its worth (Would of traded it for nothing just yesterday till i found out its worth kinda).


Anyway at the moment i have 2 open offers for it


1. 2 kyogre Ex's , Kyurem Ex, Ardicuno (Foil) , Empoleon(Foil) , Kyurem (Foil), Lapras, Vannilux

2. Feraligator Foil, Black kyurem EX, Raikou EX, Rayquza EX, Samurot (Foil) , 1 BC pack


I had more but declined as they were pretty much **** that i even i could tell.


People are free to make offers for it here too, but mainly i need help with people telling me what its worth, and if i should take either of these offers or what to demand. I also pulled a landorus EX that i need to figure its worth too

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No way man dont do it!! The guy that offered all the waters those cards suck! The second offer is meh but i wouldnt take it. If u want a water deck i suggest getting the Keldeo EX and blastoise (with ability deluge) thats the new best deck out there besides some others.

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Gold catcher is worth around 15 packs so the first offer totals up to about 12 packs in value a bit short.


The second offer tallys up to about 13 packs, both offers seem close but you can def find someone who will dish out the packs.

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Here is my offer for it:


1x Catcher [4.00 packs worth]

1x White Kyurem EX [2.5 packs worth]

1x Black Kyurem EX Full Art [3.5 packs worth]

1x Registeel EX [3 packs worth]

1x Flygon [1.25 packs worth]

1x Stoutland [1 packs worth]

1x Scizor [0.75 packs worth]


Total = 16 packs


For your 13 packs worth golden catcher.

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