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RayEels - Aint FlipTini Awesome?


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What's Good PokeGym?! I've been using this RayEels Deck on Pokemon TCG Online for a while now and since Boundaries Crossed is going to be out within the month, I figured I'd post this deck so it could be rated / improved to incorporate BC!



The Deck is fairly standard for RayEels, however, I placed myself a FlipTini in there to abuse Tynamo & Raikou's Paralysis chance. I found this works brilliantly & it's not surprising when the RayEels deck that won Regionals over here in the UK ran FlipTini.



I have two requests:

1) Improve this deck as far as Pre-Boundaries Crossed is concerned.

2) Help me then improve the deck in preparation for Boundaries Crossed.



Think you guys can do that? OK, here is the deck:



Pokemon: 15

4 Tynamo NV 38

4 Eelektrik NV 40

3 Rayquaza EX DRX 85

1 Raikou EX DEX 38

1 Mewtwo EX ND 54

1 Rayquaza DR 128

1 Victini NV14 (FlipTini)



Ideally when I use this deck, my preferred Pokemon to start with in the active position are either Tynamo, Raikou EX or Rayquaza (Mewtwo EX isn't as good for Leading with in this deck due to the lack of DCE). Normally I can pull myself a Victini with either a Level Ball or Ultraball on the 1st / 2nd turn. From there it's Eelektrik / Rayquaza EX time!



Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 32

4 Pokemon Catcher

1 Super Rod

2 Tool Scrapper

4 Ultra Ball

3 Level Ball

2 Eviolite

2 Switch

2 Random Receiver

4 Professor Juniper

4 N

2 Bianca

2 SkyArrow Bridge

These should be pretty self explanatory for this deck, however I'll go into a little detail. Pokemon Catcher is a necessity as I'll need to be grabbing Pokemon off the opponents bench to drag them into the active slot so that I can KO some of the cards who are threatening my deck. Super Rod is mainly for retrieving my Eels and any stray Fire Energy that find their way into the discard pile. Tool Scrapper is needed for any opposing deck that loves items like Eviolite and without it I'd be open to Garbodor locks. Ultra Ball helps to discard Electric energies for my Eels whilst Level Ball helps me to set those Eels up. I have several EX's on this list so Eviolite will help them become a bit more durable. Switch.. Just think what you need to do if an Eel gets catchered out. Random Reciever to work in conjunction with Juniper, N and Bianca. Skyarrow Bridge to get those free retreats for my EX's. :D



Energy: 13

8 Lightning Energy

5 Fire Energy

In terms of my Energy set up, I wanted a balance between Lightning & Fire, so that I could set up Rayquaza EX & Rayquaza DR 128 reliably. 4 Fire energy would be too much and 6 would be too frequent (I wouldn't be getting enough Electric Energy).



Changes Made:

-1 Eviolite

+1 Random Reciever



So what are your thoughts?

Wins: 23 | Losses: 3

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You could have cut the first part lol

just explaining a bit about the deck and what i want from the rate. now, if you dont mind, can we get back to actually rating this deck?

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just explaining a bit about the deck and what i want from the rate. now, if you dont mind, can we get back to actually rating this deck?


I think tornadus meant the PokeGym part lol


Anyway personally I run RayEels and I don't use the first attack, unless I'm short on Energy, so Fliptini is not in my strategy. But in your case, I'll leave it there since you can abuse it well enough. In my build, I ran 3 Ultra Ball with 3 Skyarrow Bridge, as I felt that I needed the consistency to draw into SAB. However, it is possible to consistently draw into it with 2 in the build. For the facy that you would like to incorporate BC cards into your deck, I'd like to note that Skyla is a good supporter in this deck (and any other deck in the current format), allowing you to search out SAB or other Trainer cards.You can replace all your Bianca with Skyla, though I doubt the feasability of doing so - one thing I've noted is that since Boundaries Crossed most decks have phased out Cheren or Bianca for Skyla, or run a split line - I'll leave you to figure out the ideal configuration for yourself. I can't really suggest other changes as your list already looks very solid, and most of the Boundaries Crossed cards are trash (they stuffed some lousy trainers in place of some fantastic ones). It feels as though I didn't help, but I hope this may give you some insight into your deck build. Thanks!

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