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Matthew's Battle Road Championship (bw onwards)


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Hello it's Matthew here with the official thread for one of the 4 tournaments I am running as part of Matthew's Tournament Season, this one is the Battle Road Championship which will be made up of 16 people all running bw onwards decks, with the winner receiving a free Boudaries Crossed EX at random and gaining an extra 5 points towards Matthew's tournament leader board, with 2nd place receiving and extra 3 points and 3rd place receiving an extra 1 point, with all entrants receiving 1 point alone for entering the tournament. Please post here is u wish to enter the tournament in a polite manner and I will enter u into the tournament and then once all 16 people had entered I will make the 1st round matchups at random. For more details on this tournament and the other tournaments as well as card, deck, set reviews and discussion visit the Pokemon Trading Card Discussion Thread.



1. All cards must be bw promos or from bw onwards set.

2. All members must be polite and not lie or spam.

3. Have fun.

Entrance List:


1.Matthew69 V LeanP

2.Agua1111 V LetsDoThis

3.neochamp25 V ESCgoat

4.moin12345 V pkmnkingnik

5.emboarmaster14 V Minttt

6.Tomtoo V 3chiz3n

7.Kingworldpeace V Jackjack012

8.Luca V CraPenguin




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I'm in...


BTW, can I use HGSS art cards (which are in BW-On as well) in this tournament if they are exactly same except their design? Like HGSS DCE, HGSS Switch, HGSS Basic Energies, etc. If not, it's just fine, I will trade them up with BW-On art cards.

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@pkmnkingnik, I can't find you as of now in online list. Please friend me up once you see me online, whenever you will friend me, I will send you the challenge request.


@Matt I am having a couple of questions. Where is that leaderboard? Will all the listed matches knockout someone from the tournament?

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