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I'm Interested in trading some pretty good cards, but only for cards. Points are based on value guide for packs.


I need these:


3x Darkrai Ex [promo] - 3 x 3 points (9)

3x Mewtwo Ex [promo] - 3 x 3 points (9)


What I have to offer:


Groundon Ex FA [Dark Explorers] - 6 points

Tornadus Ex FA [Dark Explorers] - 7 points

Groundon Ex Regular Art [Dark Explorers] - 4 points

3x Cobalion [NV Metagame] - 3x 2 points (6)

Virizion [NV Metagame] - 3x 3 points (9)

3x Terrakion [NV Metagame] - 3x 2 points (6)

Empoleon [Dark Explorers Metagame] - 2 points

Kyurem [secret Rare Dragon Vault] - 2 points

Zoroark [Dark Explorers Metagame] - 1 point


Let me know if you want make some coherent trade.

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