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I was Hacked. Oh no, I need moderator help!


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Moderators, I need your help, today I was going to play TCGO with my friend, but when I wrote my U.N. & my Password it said that was wrong, I tried over and over 'til I was bored of that and I wanted to send a Password Recovery mail and It said i wasn't registred with that Account... WHAT THE banana!? I was hacked!! Moderators, can you please see my information: My account was Panchisco and my e-mail was, my password was (censored for security by myself) Please I want your Help, i bought 2 more Packs to valide them and then this!? Please. Thanks and if you can't fix this... I'll be fine, not at all, but fine :(






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Hi HackedGuy,




It is highly likely you were not hacked. We did an account clean up yesterday and you may have had your account accidentally closed. Please submit ticket at support.pokemon.com and we will get this fixed for you.






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Hello Trainer:




and submit a ticket to our Customer Support Representatives so we can assit you.




Thank you








"Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right"


-Isaac Asimov-


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