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Supermew Deck


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This deck is silly, but oh so fun when it goes off. It's also probably the best way to get the in game achivements for knocking out 4, 5 or even 6 Pokémon with a single attack - though you might have to be playing the NPCs for that. For instance, in the last game I played with it I ended up winning by knocking out Mewtwo Ex, two Garchomps and a Gible all on the same turn, all from one single energy attack!


Here's my decklist (probably not an ideal list):


14 Pokémon


4 Mew EX (Versatile, Replace)

4 Minun (Negative Ion, Electrishower)

2 Ducklett (Roost, Rain Splash)

2 Swanna (Feather Dance, Aqua Ring)

2 Drillbur (Hone Claws, Scratch)


35 Trainers


4 Professor Juniper

3 N

4 Random Receiver


4 Eviolite


4 Level Ball

4 Pokémon Catcher

2 Ultra Ball

2 Crushing Hammer

2 Switch

2 Max Potion

2 Pluspower

1 Super Scoop Up

1 Pokémon Communication


11 Energy


4 Prism Energy

4 Blend Energy (Water, Lightning, Fighting, Metal)

3 Double Colourless Energy


The goal is pretty simple. Have Mew EX out, and use either Drillbur's Hone Claws or Swanna's Feather Dance. Next turn use Minun's Electrishower - and you do 50 damage to each of the opponent's Pokémon. Since each attack requires only one energy, you don't need to run all that many; the multi coloured energies are to allow Mew to use other attacks if necessary. DCE is mostly to snipe at opposing Mewtwo. Since the attack is cheap, you can often afford to Max Potion Mew, or Scoop it up and then play it again immediately, for free healing. Pluspower only affects the damage you do to the active Pokémon, unfortunately, but it can still help finish off a few things. The Hammer provides a little disruption, as can the Catchers and N. Most of the other cards are to draw or search.


Of course, it's not great against top tier decks - for one thing, enemy catchers ruin the whole strategy! But it is pretty ideal at getting the achivement against the Practice Decks.

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Just wanted to point out that your deck is nowhere near resilient enough against Mewtwo Ex - a card that many people own nowadays due to the promo version being cheap/easy to obtain. I've never tried a Mew deck before btw so I don't know too much about it, but I'd say that you need to atleast increase the amount of PP's or add in 1 or 2 tool scrappers. I'd go for more PP's though because Mew's biggest weakness is something that pluspower does 20 dmg to already which also gets the KO against it, which is pretty much all that tool scrapper does. In other words, PP would be more versatile in your deck. 7 Supporters is also too low because you run Junip x4. Whenever you're caught with multiple of them in your hand/if there's supporters in your prizes, you're gonna be in big trouble because being able to make a counter move every turn plays a big part in winning the game nowadays. Speed is the key asset in being able to do so.


Run 1 more N, drop atleast 1 Mew, add in 1 super rod, drop 1 evio, drop 1 level ball, add 1 bianca, drop 1 Minun, add atleast 1 more PP.


You could also opt for adding in 1 more bianca, dropping a junip and switching a level ball with an ultra ball. Level ball isn't gonna seek out Mew, which is bad because it's the main drive of your deck. I think you'll understand the rest of my choices so I'm not gonna clarify them (they're about synergy/control/added speed) - I'd say give it a try and see how your new deck rolls compared to your original idea :P

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