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The Mega Tournament!


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Hello guys, CrazyPenguin here, with another attempt of a tournament. I was a well known tournament host in V1, so you can trust me. How this will work is that you will signup by posting: "In". And, you will be put into a league table, I will post fixtures when around 32 people have joined, and then you find your opponent and battle him. When you have won/Lost your battle, report it to me. And of course there will be prizes. Now on to the prizes:




1: Regigigas EX (Yeah I know it's not good, but it's something.


2: 1 Pack


3: Tornadus From Emerging Powers.


Now how I will decide who is 3rd, I will let the 3rd place and 4th battle.


I know these are not good prizes, but they are something.


League Table: W L P


1: CrazyPenguin321

2: pkmnkingnik

3: agua1111

4: 3chiz3n

5: AlexManectric






You do get three points for winning one match, and none for losing.


Hopefull you'll Join! Bye! :D

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For some crazy reason my post wasn't saved. (2nd one)


Penguin, i'd like to say thanks for doing this and i'd like to donate 10 cards to the "prize pool" and I encourage other users to do the same. Try adding some useful card even if 1 supporters, so we can do sth for the community and encourage tournaments.


I won't be here from oct 1st to the 4th but even if the tours occurs during this time I'd like to make this donation, add me at the game so i can transfer the cards.




Cards 3-6: 04X BLEND ENERGY Psychic etc

Card 7: 01X Sableye

Card 8: 01x Rare Candy

Card 9: Cilan

Card 10: Cheren

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I have a little suggestion:


Can every one give a pack to enter the competition? So we can do decent prizes.


For example: there're 32 partecipants. So we have 32 packs as total prize.


The top 8 should be:

1° Gold Catcher (10 packs)

2° Darkrai EX (6 packs)

3° and 4° Hydreigon ability (4 packs each)

5°, 6°, 7°, 8° Altaria (2 packs each)

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The moderators will not allow a "buy in" as suggested by other players. Besides, who can stop the host from just opening the packs. As far as the league play rounds go, you should battle your opponent at least twice, that way everyone has a greater opportunity in the end. For example if two trainers who are both 0-2 are battling each other, there is no incentive for the match to continue since they will not be able to advance. It is more entertaining to have every match count. A

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