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RayvenXtreme's New Trade Thread


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I'm pretty new to the TCGO, so I have very little tradeworthy stuff for now, but I have a few and I'm looking for packs to build my collection. I'm following the Value guide posted on the forum, but if a deal is struck, I'll consider it.


Current worthy haves:


Pokemon Catcher (4 packs)

Kyogre EX (3 packs)

Gothitelle (2 packs)

Crushing Hammer (1 pack)


I'm looking for pretty much just packs right now to build up my trade fodder.


Currently, I'm looking for:

-Emerging Powers

-Dark Explorers

-(maybe) Next Destinies


Send me offers!

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I can do Dark Explorers for ya.


I'll even throw in some free basic and stage 1 pokemons for you as a welcoming gift. Request any, and I'll see if I can meet them (if I have lots of extras of them. Don't expect any popular ones like Elektrik)

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That's awesome dude! I'm not much of a competitive player, I use Pokemon that I like in my deck. If I could come as close to my IRL deck as possible, any spare copies of Shinx and Luxio would be awesome. Others that I use are Houndour/Houndoom and Bliztle/Zebstrika. Everything else will involve more trading. I'd be happy to take whatever you're willing to give off your hands, and if you don't have them, it's no trouble.


Now...the thing I'm not sure how to do is directly contact someone in the game, as I'm still trying to master the system. I got good at Yugioh Online before it shut down, but this game seems to be a lot more confusing. Let me know what I can do to get this trade going!

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