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I just got my first theme deck and I really enjoy it :). Though i have a question about it. The deck does appear in the trainer challenges and in the deck builder under theme decks (just like it should be).

But unlike the starter decks, all of these cards are tradeable, so i can trade them away. What happens if i do that, am I then unable to play with this theme deck?

Or is it always there and i can even trade the entire deck away and still use the cards, that i no longer have, in the trainer challenges, vs ai battles and in the arena? Because that seems a bit weird.


And if it means that i can no longer use the deck if i trade cards away from it, can i ***** lock myself on those cards, so i do not accidently trade them away?



EDIT: it appears that after you have done the 11 battles in the trainer challenge the cards become untradeable, but before that, you can trade them away. lol

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