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How To Add Friends

teddy died

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Hey TD, once you've logged into the TCGO, along the top toolbar you'll see an icon that looks like 3 people. When you hover you mouse over it, it should be called chat. Click on that. At the bottom of the drop down bar that appears there will be 3 tabs that appear - Requests, Public & Friends.


To add someone you know, simply click on the Friends tab, type their name in the search bar and hit enter. That person will be sent a Friend request.


You can add anyone who is online from the Public tab as well - simply find their name and click the plus button next to it.


If anyone sends a request to you, you can accept (or decline) it from the Requests tab.


Hope that helps!

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Hey Teddy,


You are going to have an issue with the friends feature due to your screen name. The support team will have to adjust it for you submit a ticket to them and they will edit it.


Prof. Wormer

"Justice never sleeps!"

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Hey Latem,


If you are still experiencing issues with the Friends feature, I would recommend following Prof Wormer's advice and submitting a ticket to the Support team. You can click on the ticket link in Prof Wormer's post and sign into your account. Then click on "Ask a Question" and submit your ticket explaining the issue you are experiencing. The Support team will use their great tools to investigate this issue and work to resolve it.

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