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Forced to mark 4 additional Potions


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Somehow the game forces me to request 4 additional Potions to what I mark. If I set the request to an X amount, the game sets it to X+4. So if I mark 0, it sets it to 4. If I mark 6, it sets it to 10. Pretty annoying as it makes people making useless trades offering me Potions I don't need (although it didn't matter in my last trade, as even without the Potions I would've accepted it :P)


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Hey, GR0!


Thanks for pointing out this issue. I'd like to direct you to submit a Question via support.pokemon.com for the best results in getting this issue fixed. Log in there, and use the ask a question tab to submit such a ticket.






Shrimp Mod





"Mein eyes!"


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