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My Growlithe, Ed.


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A long time ago, when yellow had just come out, My sister (Who I'll call "Sammy" after her character's name), My neighbor Joey, and I got our first Pokémon games. I got the Red Version, Sammy got the Blue Version, and Joey got the Yellow Version.


Joey named his character 'Jojo', I chose 'Red', And my sister named her character 'Sammy'. While Joey was stuck with Pikachu, Sammy and I chose the starter Pokémon that was the basic form of the Pokémon on each other's boxes. I chose Squirtle, and Sammy chose Charmander.


Around the time I beat Misty, Sammy had already gotten through rock tunnel. Since I was Far behind, Sammy decided to do something nice, and trade her Rattata, Rizzo, for my Pidgeotto, Bert. Rizzo knew cut, so I was able to skip the S.S. Anne.


Later on in the game I caught a growlithe. Growlithe's Pokédex entry said "When growlithe feels threatened, it will Bark and Bite to repel intruders." Even later than that, when I was training for the elite 4, I remembered the S.S. Anne, and went back there. That's when I Saw the truck.


I was playing on a SNES Super Game Boy, so the Truck looked orange with a blue Pickup Bed. I saved, took the game out, got my GBC, and took sammy with me to show the truck to Joey. As I was crossing the street, a truck that looked like the one in the game almost hit me. Sammy Pulled me back to safety, but my GBC was ruined. The driver rolled down his window to apologise, and drove off.


My Pokémon Red game still worked, except for one thing. My growlithe's name was changed to "%^&R(*ED", so we started calling him Ed.


A few months later, we got a dog with Red and blonde fur. That night there was a rustle in the living room. I thought it was the dog, but it was a burgular. I hid behind a wall, too scared to move. The dog started Barking an biting to repel the intruder, and the burgular, who turned out to be the truck driver from earlier, ran away.<



We named the dog Ed.

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To Professor Watermelon:


I am sorry that the thread was duplicated. My computer froze just as I clicked submit, and I thought It didn't post. My computer has been kinda "Bzzzrrt" lately.


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....And this is all true? Holy carp.....best dog ever!



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