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My Growlithe, Ed.


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A long time ago, when yellow had just come out, My sister (Who I'll call "Sammy" after her character's name), My neighbor Joey, and I got our first Pokémon games. I got the Red Version, Sammy got the Blue Version, and Joey got the Yellow Version.


Joey named his character 'Jojo', I chose 'Red', And my sister named her character 'Sammy'. While Joey was stuck with Pikachu, Sammy and chose the starter Pokémon that was the basic form of the Pokémon on each other's boxes. I chose Squirtle, and Sammy chose Charmander.


Around the time I beat Misty, Sammy had already gotten through rock tunnel. Since I was Far behind, Sammy decided to do something nice, and trade her Rattata, Rizzo, for my Pidgeotto, Bert. Rizzo's moves were Tackle, Growl and Cut


I was able to skip the S.S. Anne, so I did. Along the course of the game I caught more Pokémon. Including a Growlithe, which I didn't nickname, because 'Growlithe' was already cool enough. It's Pokédex entry said "When Growlithe feels threatened, it will bark and Bite to try to Repel intruders." It knew Bite, Roar, Ember and Leer


Much, much later than that, I beat Giovanni, the final Gym leader, I had to prepare for the Elite 4. I remembered the S.S. Anne, and decided to train there. First, I surfed near the boat, and 'landed' on a ledge. That's when I saw The Truck. I was playing on a SNES Super Game Boy, so it looked orange with a blue pickup bed. I quickly saved, took the game out, Got my GBC, got sammy, and went out to show Joey.


Joey lived just across the street from our house, so Sammy and I rushed across the street. Not paying attention to the road, I was almost hit by a pickup truck, but Sammy pulled me back to safety. I was okay, but my GBC was ruined, and I wasn't too sure about the cartridge, either. The driver stopped, and told me about a place where I can buy used games at a low price.


As I saw the truck drive off, I looked at the color scheme. Orange with a blue pickup bed. I thought about the similarity, but shrugged it off. when I played Pokémon Red again, Growlithe's name would change every time. The most common name it had was something like "¬¸<sup><strike><sub>r</sub></strike></sup>ED", so we started calling him Ed.


A few months later, my family got a dog with red and blonde fur. That night, I heard a rustle from the living room, and thought he was getting into mischief. It was a burgular. I hid behind a wall and watched, because I was too scared to do anything else. The dog started barking and biting to repel the intruder, . Then, Leering at him, the dog let out a big roar as he threw hot embers that set fire to his dark black beanie. he put the fire out, and ran away.




We named the dog Ed.


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Hi TrainerTJ,


I see that you have 2 identical threads that are currently active. In order to prevent any confusion and to allow everyone to participate in the correct thread, I will be closing this thread and leaving the new thread open.


Professor Watermelon



"There is no knowledge that is not Power"


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