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Anyone got magnezones?


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I need 3, and im prepared to make like for like, one for one trades (unless you really need something specific).




Holo cards on offer:




-Meganium Prime


-Ability Shaymin






-Thyphlosion Prime








-Ability Rapidash




-Ability Ninetails






-Ability Jirachi


-Ability Samurott


-Feraligater Prime


-Usaring Prime


-Abillity Metagorss


-Celebi Prime


-Espeon Prime










And a couple more, also need rare candy, got seekers if anyones looking for them.




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I've got Magnezone




Ill trade for a Shaymin and a Seeker




im pretty sure my in game username is bowler189 instead of sdrawkcab190 so keep an eye out for both =)


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