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What is your current deck? How much wins? How much losts? Let's share!


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my deck is named paralizis and it is an amazing deck it has

3 gliscor

2 dusknoir

2 vileplume

4 cleffa

the only deck that can beat me are a deck with 2 keledo ex


I know that deck lol. Any fast deck can beat it. You just need those catchers to KO Dusknoir's pre-evos as soon as possible or its a very very long death lol

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actually my first goal is to pull vileplume which by the second turn is on game that prevents any catcher to drag my cards into bttle


Yeah whichever one or more u bring out. If i take out either Dusk or Plume out early there's very little hope you'll be setup at all :P


After losing to that deck once I havn't lost against it again with 2 times my opponent quitting immediately after I destroyed one of the trio. The fact is that that deck will only work if all the stars align.


So: If any of your key cards is in discard pile against fast decks u will definitely lose. If your completely setup u will definitely win as long as u have extra gliscor in play as backup against keldeo ex's. I've also seen people use Mew EX as an extra Gliscor once a benched gliscor is setup.


I've actually considered building one myself but unless your opponent rage quits, the battle just takes too long so i might not. My first battle against it i fought to the very end just to see if there were any other tricks in the deck in the deck and how to beat it but it's quite a simple deck. The battle took forever :|

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Running Amoongus/Ninetails 4-4 both with 2 Mewtwo EX and 2 DCE on Expert.

Did 30 wins and 6 loses so far, but I guess I lucked out some times.


It stomps your regular EX built deck and has a solid chance against some Darkrai or Keldeo decks, but suffers a lot when the deck is those championship ones with second turn Night Spear/Blastoise set up. The main problem I found out was that it has enough steam to run when the opponent uses his switches and retreats 2~3 times, but the deck really suffers when there is another way of retreating, like the Keldeo EX's ability or the Darkrai EX's one.

Also, opponents knocking your basics on turn two (if they started first) disrupts it so much that it is almost a certain T3 donk.

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Lugia legend


2x mewtwo


zekrom (ex)


keldeo ex 2x

ho-oh ex

reshiram 2x

reshiram ex


It isn't really my best deck but it's really fun to play with since every battle you have 2 have a different strategy

my current stats with it are 80 wins out of 131

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Darkrai/Hydreigon - two builds, both 3-0

Darkrai/Landorus/Sableye - 17-1

Blastoise/Keldeo - 9-0

Garchomp/Landorus - 4-0

Eels w/ Keldeo, Mewtwo, Baby Ray, and Shaymin-EX - 14-8

Gardevoir/Swoobat - 4-3 (seriously, don't play this deck. my wins were very lucky)


I'm trying to get better at deckbuilding and at playing, so I'm hoping to keep my records up.

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