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Blown Away


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Okay, this isn't the most competitive deck ever, but I wanted to find some use for my Shiftry. So, this is what I came up with. The idea is to use Devolution Spray together with Shiftry to blow all my opponent's Pokémon back into their deck. This is a pretty rough first build:




Pokémon (20)


3 * Roselia (Double Whip/Relaxing Frangrance), 3 * Roserade (Le Parfum)


3 * Seedot (Trip Over), 3 * Nuzleaf (Surprise Punch), 3 * Shiftry (Giant Fan)


4 * Sableye (Junk Hunt)


1 * Darkari Ex




Trainers (28)


4 * Devolution Spray


1 * Crushing Hammer


1 * Enhanced Hammer


2 * Random Receiver


2 * Pokémon Catcher


1 * Potion


1 * Switch


1 * Tool Scrapper


1 * Eviolite


2 * Rare Candy


3 * Ultra Ball


4 * Cheren


3 * Hooligans Jim & Cas


2 * Professor Juniper


Energy (12)


4 * Blend Energy GFPD


5 * Darkness Energy


3 * Grass Energy




I aim to get a Sableye out, ideally with the Eviolite on, to recur my useful item cards. I have a slew of different cards to do specific jobs (take out tools, energies, etc) which Roserade can hunt up for me and Sableye can recur. With a Devolution Spray or two I can reuse Roserade's Le Parfum and Shiftry's Giant fan, allowing me to search out anything I need and remove any Pokémon on the opponent's side. Hopefully I can remove enough to finish off whatever's left. Shiftry is, unfortunately, reliant on a coin flip. The Hooligans add to the theme of denying the opponent options (Shiftry removes their Pokémon, Jim&Cas remove thier hand), though really I just wanted to see if they were any use.


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You should probably run more than one Darkrai, because the deck is really lacking in strong attackers. Also, Roserade should never be attacking, so you really don't have much use for the Grass and Blend - going all Darkness will give you a lot more consistency.


Trainers could also use a few changes as well. Get rid of the Potion, it's not worth the deck space. You may also want to drop the Rare Candy, since they don't synergize very well with Devolution Spray. Hooligans really isn't very useful compared to other supporters, so I would recommend replacing those with N and/or more Juniper - if you don't want to, then you should still be prioritizing those two over Cheren. Also, why are you not using Dark Patch? It's a great card in any deck with a lot of Darkness Energy, and it only gets better with Sableye. Finally, you might want to consider Level Ball, since it lets you search out all the Pokémon you're using except Shiftry and Darkrai.


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I suggest getting rid of 2 Nuzleaf, as you already have the Rare Candies. As monty mentioned, get rid of the Grass and Blend Energy, since Roserade should never be attacking. Ultra Balls should be swapped for Level Balls, or include Emolga instead to search out Basics. Potion is out of the question. You also need more Switch if your set up Pokemon get Catchered in.


But the worst part of all is non-existent offenses. Sure, your deck can disrupt, but can it disrupt as efficiently as Durant or Aggron? Such decks mill the opponent's, taking their strategy to the discard pile. But Shiftry only returns Pokemon to your opponent's hand. They can set it up again, and you will have to keep getting Devo Spray to consistently disrupt your opponent. When Shiftry is eliminated, you have no way of hurting your opponent, save Darkrai who does not have a Dark Claw to bolster his under-par offenses. You have no Super Rod, and when your Sableye goes down you can't retrieve it or the Eviolite attached to it. I want to help you with your deck, but this is all the suggestion I can give your deck.


I do not want to give this suggestion, but this is the best choice, last resort: build a different deck. Or you can heed the above advice. No intention to flame you. Thanks for reading.


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Shiftry removes Pokémon to the deck, not the hand ;)




I'd definitely run more Darkrai if I had any - from a little testing, it is a little light on offence. I was thinking of dropping the grass energy too, so I think I'll go with that idea. I also haven't managed to pull any Level Balls, so I can't use any of them, unfortunately...




I think what I really lack is a strong attacker or two. Once set up, I can usually get off at least one Giant Fan flip a turn, which is great when I get heads, but very luck reliant. If I can Giant Fan enough back into their deck, of course, I can win without having to knock anything out at all, but that's unlikely.




So, are there any strong attackers I might have overlooked I could throw in? I have a few decent Grass Pokémon (Virizion, Shaymin-Ex) if I leave the grass energy in, but I'm not sure I have any very hard hitting Dark types (Zoroark if it gets enough damage on it, I suppose...)




Sure, your deck can disrupt, but can it disrupt as efficiently as Durant or Aggron? Such decks mill the opponent's, taking their strategy to the discard pile




Mill isn't disruption at all, unless your opponent is running a heavy search suite... But then again, I guess in Pokémon everyone does run a heavy search/draw suite. I guess I have a very Magic the Gathering point of view; but in Magic terms, milling an opponent is more likely to be helping them than hurting them until they're out of cards (unless you're running Leyline of the Void, of course), whereas boucning a creature to the deck is almost as good as removing it from the game!


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I hope I wasn't too harsh the other time, but I honestly think you could do with Virizion to bolster your draw and draw into a Devo Spray. At the same time, you can disrupt their offense. Hitting 80 on turn 2 with Virizion isn't a bad thing either. Also, I don't know how you're gonna fit a Zoroark in, but if you do it would be great. Nasty Plot allows you to search for the card you want, while Foul Play can turn opposing Pokemon on themselves. You can do good damage for cheap prizes. But that way, your deck would be really cluttered and there would be no space to tech in Trainer cards ._.


I hope I helped this time. Thanks!


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