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Let me introduce myself, I am a Pro Poker Player -just an unknown online player, don't bother to ask my (screen)name-. Anyway in Poker strategy and making the right decisions is really important. Because my strategy of Pokemon TCG is low, I hope that you guys can give me some advice about all kind of stuff. I played Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh when I was younger. At this moment I like to game when I am not 'working' and I kinda like playing this kind of games. I don't like the fact that a big part of this game is just luck, in the sense that if you have a fire deck, you will have a lot of trouble vs a water deck. On the other hand it is also your (deckbuilder) part to minimize that negative edge.




A lot of blablabla, so here is my first question about a situation: I have to choose my basic Pokémon. I can choose between Eevee and Totodile. However I have a Vaporeon an my bench. So do we want to choose Eevee to have a Stage 1 in the 2nd turn or choose Totodile to sacrifice. In this case I chose Eevee, because Vaporeon can heal in the 2nd turn. But what if Vaporeon couldn't heal. Do we want to choose Eevee or Totodile in that situation?






<img src="http://i48.tinypic.com/t8olsh.jpg" width="720" alt="" height="450" />




Thanks for all the respones!


Note to myself: use 710






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In that kind of setting, I'd pick Eevee, cuz then i could evolve it in the next turn, and take down the other players pokemon quickly and easily.


But if Vaporeon couldn't heal, I'd pick Totodile, cuz it has more HP and i may draw it's evolved forms in the next couple of turns.


Also, welcome to the Pokemon tcg community!


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Unless you have some knowledge of your opponent's deck (and therefore what they are likely to use), Eevee is probably the better play here. You already have its evolution in hand unless your opponent plays N (which I don't think any of the NPC trainers have) before you can use it, while there's no guarantee you'll get what you need for Totodile right away, especially with limited draw support and search cards.


Healing shouldn't be much of a concern either way, you should focus on doing damage to keep your opponent from freely setting up their big attackers.


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Yeah, having an evolved/legendary/EX card early on is always the better choice. In that situation, however, you've got enough Energy to pile onto Vaporeon to allow it to heal. In a PvP match, however, it doesn't matter what cards you have, if your opponent gets an EX or a legendary card, you're probably gonna lose if you don't have either, which is what makes overpowered Basics so broken. =/


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In a PvP match, however, it doesn't matter what cards you have, if your opponent gets an EX or a legendary card, you're probably gonna lose if you don't have either, which is what makes overpowered Basics so broken. =/



That is what I don't like about those cards, they are so overpowered and unbalanced. If you compare it to first generation cards there is so much difference in strength.


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I would promote Eevee if I were you. Umm... yeah because you can evolve it fast. x3


If you had Toto, maybe you had to retreat after setting up Vaporeon so it saves 1 energy?


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This is my deck constructed with the 4 basic decks and some random cards. A (B) means it is the pokemon from the basic decks.




Pokemon: 32


Cyndaquil (B) 4


Quilava (B) 3


Typhlosion (B) 2


Eevee (B) 3


Flareon (B) 2


Jolteon (Electrigun/Pin Missilie) 1


Mareep (B) 4


Flaaffy (B) 3


Ampharos (B) 2


Pikachu (B) 2


Pikachu (Thundershock/Tail Whip) 1


Raichu (B) 3


Zapdos (Random Spark/Thundering Hurricane) 1


Stunfisk (Trickle/Thundershock [Ground]) 1


Trainers: 13


Engineer's Adjustment (3)


Fisherman (2)


Interviewer's Questions (2)


Professor Elm's Training Method (4)


Burned Tower (2)


Energy (15)


Electric 8


Fire 7




I am thinking to remove a burned tower/fisherman, because my 'retrieving' power is already high. I could put in bill, oak, pokeball, dual ball, flower shop lady, potion etc.


Any advice or suggestions for this deck, you may be as harsh as u want, but don't forget that I don't have much other cards.


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The most obvious issue with your deck is the number of pokemon and of trainers. A good deck will normally have 25-35 trainer cards and anywhere from 4-24 pokemon, depending on the particular strategy of the deck. You have way too few trainers and way too many pokemon. If you tested your deck, you probably noticed a lot of dead draws, unpredictability, and a slow pace of setting up.








What kind of trainers should you add? Stuff that boosts consistency in your play - draw and search cards - and specific trainers that help with your overall strategy.


For example, Professor Juniper, Professor Oak's New Theory (popularly referred to as PONT), Dual Ball, Poke Ball, Ultra Ball as draw/search, and Pokemon Catcher, Switch, PlusPower, Max Potion as extras. Unfortunately, the free cards available don't give you many options in terms of draw/search.












You should focus your pokemon lines. Stage 2 lines are slow to set up (especially when you don't have Rare Candy), so having 2 of them will slow you down a lot, since the intermediate stages are marginally useful.


One way to restructure your lines could be


4 - 3 - 3 Typhlosion


3 - 3 Raichu


2 - 1 Ninetales (for recharging Typhlosions)


1 Zapdos


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I have another question: which card is better N or PONT and why ?


PONT is probably better on average, since it's much more consistent, but N has the advantage of potentially messing with your opponent as well (I've made some huge comebacks after using N to drop my opponent's hand to one card). However, if you have the option to run both, run both. You can never have too many draw supporters.


It's also worth noting that PONT is no longer legal in the Modified format, meaning you can't use it in tournaments and some of the more stubborn TCGO players might get mad at you for using it.


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