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Hello Everyone, <img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/teeth_smile.png" alt="" />


I'm new and I've been looking for topics about decks and haven't seen any. Can someone explain the PTCGO shop? If these questions have been answered before then you can just direct me to that part of the forum.


If I buy a deck/pack how many cards do I get?


If I buy one deck/pack, do I get the same cards everytime or no?


Also when I click on one deck/pack a different picture will show up on the side. For example, Jolton will show up on the cover of HS-Undaunted, but when I click on it, some other pokemon will show up on the cover on the side. Should I take that into consideration when reedeming a deck/pack or does it matter?


If you go to My Collection-Packs-Show All, you'll be able to see all these packs and decks. How come not all of those decks and packs are avalible in the shop?


Thanks for any comments I get.


Sorry if these questions have already been answered. I've tried looking through comments and threads but haven't found any,and when I ask people, they all give me different answers. Like people who were apart of the beta version before this one.




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1 pack = 10 cards


5 commons, 3 uncommons, 1 rare and 1 foil which can be a common, uncommon or another rare.


the picture on the pak does not matter, i think every pack has 3 or 4 different pictures, its just random and does not say anything about the content.


Not all of them are in the shop, because things like theme decks go by a code. If you buy the theme deck in a real store, there will be a code inside the theme deck. If you redeem that code, you will also get that theme deck online.


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If you redeem a deck, you get all of the cards in that deck - 60 total, some of which are energy. It's always the same cards for any specific deck.


A pack has 10 cards. If I remember right you get 5 common, 3 uncommon, 1 rare (possibly holo), and 1 reverse holo, which can be of any rarity (meaning you could get two rares in one pack if you're lucky). The cards you get are randomly chosen from whatever set you selected.


The picture on the pack doesn't matter, all that matters is the name of the set.


You don't see all of them in the shop because theme decks can't be bought through credits - you have to buy the deck you want in real life and then use the code card it comes with to redeem it online (or get that card from someone who bought the deck but doesn't want to use it online). This may change when gems are introduced or through some other update in the future.


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Hi Everyone!


This is all really good information you're sharing.




CiTyCHiLD, you can also find answers to these questions by clicking the ? symbol on the toolbar of the game client, and then selecting FAQ in the popup.




You can also find many answers by exploring the Pokémon Support Center and using the search function on the lefthand side of the page.








Captain Lone Starr





"Welcome to real life!"






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