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Golden Butter - rate please?


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This is my Beautifly/Ho-oh deck. The butter part of the name obviosuly come from Beautifly, with Ho-oh being the mascot of Pokémon Gold - and gold also being the colour of multicolour in MtG. It's been working fairly well for me, so I wanted some advice about maybe making it better. It has one glaring weakness, but other than that it's generally been fairly solid. Without further ado...




Pokémon (15)


3* Wurmple - 1* Silcoon - 3* Beautifly


2* Ho-oh Ex


4* Mew Ex


2* Shaymin Ex




Trainers (26)


4* Professor Juniper


4* Cheren


1* Cilan


2* Giant Cape


1* Eviolite


4* Ultra Ball


3* Rare Candy


1* Super Rod


2* Pokémon Catcher


2* Switch


2* Random Receiver




Energy (19)


5* Grass


2* Fire


2* Water


2* Electric


2* Metal


2* Dark


2* Psychic


2* Fighting




The basic idea is pretty simple. Get Ho-oh or Mew loaded with as many different types of basic energy as possible, and then Rainbow Burn everything to death. If I'm lucky, I can get a Ho-oh with four different energies turn one - use Juniper to dump Ho-oh and three energies in the discard pile, flip to get him back, attach another energy and switch him out. Beautifly can instantly power up a Ho-oh or Mew once it gets online by searching out three different energies to attach. Mew also appreciates the fact I'm running a whole rainbow of energy, as it lets me use pretty much any attack my opponents are running.




The most glaring weakness is Sigilyph, especially if it has an Eviolite. The only way I can defeat it is with the Wurmple line, who aren't particularly heavy hitters. I'm also a little light on some staples like Pokémon Catcher.




Running so many Exs does at least mean my Shaymin Ex is likely to be hitting for an awful lot of damage if it comes out late game - and he provides another source of energy search and attach that Mew can copy.




So, when trading is back up, what should I look to add to this deck? Any hints or advice for it as is?


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Ok I have a few tips here. 1st of all I think it would be better to run more Ho-Oh EX than 2. I would recommend 3-3 Ho-Oh EX to Mew EX split. Also as u mentioned the weakness to Sigi is a problem. Cards I would recommend include running a Sigi DRX [Hits opponents 1 to Weakness to KO it] or even a Terrakion NVI , both of which could also have the potential to help other matchups too.


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Agreed that you should run more Ho-Oh and less Mew. Mew is horribly vulnerable to all the Mewtwo running around, especially in a deck that relies on a lot of energy attachments, and also lacks Ho-Oh's excellent ability.


If you're having trouble with Sigilyph, you may also want to consider Giratina EX, since it can OHKO Sigilyph with Shred.


Finally, you have a bit too much energy, even for a strategy like this, so I would suggest replacing some of them with more supporters (9 is a bit low) and/or Energy Switch to power up one big attacker (sure, you have Mew's Replace, but that takes your attack for the turn, you might not have a spare Psychic energy on hand, and you don't want to leave Mew in the active spot unnecessarily with only 120 HP).

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If you're having trouble with Sigilyph, you may also want to consider Giratina EX, since it can OHKO Sigilyph with Shred (barring Eviolite/Giant Cape).

You may want to give shreds effect another read. (any effect includes eviolite).

Here's a quick run down of my thoughts:

1. you can probably run a bit less energy (especially if you keep cilian which you probably don't need)

2. You need better supporter lines. N does't have the best synergy with this deck but its the only other really decent supporter in the format, you could try just bumping your random receiver count to 4 though.

3. 4 catchers (not much to explain here)

4. I'd go with a few terrakion in here with a couple energy switch. (probably want a few more fighting too then)

5. I'm not sure how well shaymin works without being able to N your opponent into a low hand before you drop it.

6. More ho-oh less mew

7. More switch is always good


Good luck the deck looks cool I would like to try it out one day.

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You may want to give shreds effect another read. (any effect includes eviolite).

I knew that :P Just wasn't thinking thoroughly when I wrote the comment.

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