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new to the game so i got a few Qs >=)


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1) i read somewhere that for joining the beta or at least making an account you get 20 free packs


2) i been playing witha friend and every time i use typhlosion's fire spin, i don thave to discard fire energies (bug or ruling?)


3) the only way to get cards other than using real moneycis by playing trainer challenge and only using the fire/grass/fire decks? it has almost no variety


4) is there a way to spectate games?








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1) Where do people read this? I can't remember ever reading this. The 20 free packs were for closed beta participants, we're now in open beta.


2) The malfunctioning discard is a bug.


3) Yeah, if you don't pay money for codes you don't get to have alot of variety...


4) No, not yet anyway.


I'm sure a Prof. will awnser these questions with awnsers that carry more authority, though they may just move this topic to the Questions forum.


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Hey DdThorn!


Welcome to the forum and TCG Online! We're happy to be having you join us. As for your questions, the 20 free packs deal had been for a Closed Beta event a year ago. That information keeps floating around it seems though. I'll have to get my broom and officially sweep it under the bed, hopefully it won't resurface as a monster later.




And Kyoujuu is right about the card being a bug. You can check this forum for all known card/game bugs. www.pokemontcg.com/forums/patches-updates-known-issues/topics/known-card-bugs




Those threads will also update when there are fixes for known bugs.


As for your last two questions, Kyuujuu has scored yet again! There is no way to spectate a game currently, and you do receiving basic green/red/blue decks along with the basic electric in PVP. Other than that, purchasing booster/theme decks is the way to go in upgrading your decks!


Prof Wolphee


The Wild One







support.pokemon.com[/url] <span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 51);]if you have any concerns or issues, just remember to be logged into your Pokémon Trainer Club Account!


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thank you so much guys, i wish you guys would add a feature for every expert game you win, you get 6 special tokens, and for every 6 tokens you can get a pack token, but im prob dreaming lol


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