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What Pokemon to use to beat the Elite 4 on Black?


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Does anyone know what team I should use to beat them? Maybe you could tell me the Pokemon, I bring them to the gymleaders, and tell you everything? I really need help!


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Err, they're Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, and Marshal, right? I recommend Scizor for Grimsley and Caitlin, and any Psychic type for Shauntal and Marshal. Like an Alakazam, those things are boss.


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What I have to counter the Pychic and Ghost people is a Chandelure that is upped in Sp. Atk. and Speed. Spam Shadow Ball on everything, and

when the Psychic person brings out Metagross (If you beat it earlier) you can use Heat Wave or whatever Fire move it has.


For Grimsley I recommend Ferrothorn and Braviary (for the Scrafty).


The Fighting-type guy's pokemon know Stone Edge, so Flying types are recommended with caution.


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Here's a list of Psychic and Bug types available for your rent:










Gardevoir (Level 51, shiny)












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@Spikle, yes, I do. What's your friend code? I don't have yours yet. Hold on, I'm getting on...


@other people, thanx so much for the help, if Spikle's plan doesn't work, I'll make sure to try yours!


Edit: Let me use whatever ones you think will do the job, Spikle! I'm totally going by what you think.


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FC: 3697 6162 7149


Name: Irina


Btw, if you train them, you can get a Shedninja from the Nincada and a Ninjask, so note that. And Tyrogue has 3 evolutions, you might wanna look into that. My Uxie and Azelf are both beast, that Machamp is okay, so is the Gardevoir.


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Here you go


Gothitelle (For the fighting trainer)


Sawk or Throh (For the Darkness trainer)


Scrafty (Agaist the Ghost Trainer)


Chandlure (It learns Fire and Psy moves)




get one of Spikle's Gardevoir


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I'm willing to give you any two of these for payment Spikle!:


Liepard egg


Gothita egg


Litwick egg


Sawk egg


Liepard Lv.30 Nature: Adamant Moves: Pursuit, Torment, Fake Out, Hone Claws Male


Gothita Lv.29 Nature: Rash Moves: Embargo, Faint Attack, Psyshock, Flatter Male


Gothita Lv.24 Nature: Calm Moves: Fake Tears, DoubleSlap, Psybeam, Faint Attack Female


Boldore Lv.29 Nature: Naive Moves: Mud-Slap, Iron Defense, Smack Down, Power Gem Female


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If Spikle's plan does not work, here is what I suggest...


A Chandelure with shadow ball for Caitlin and/or Shauntal, or a Cofigrigus, those are pretty good with defense.


I know you have Black soooo.... Maybe a Mandibuzz? She would be good for Caitlin, Shauntal, and, if you teach it Fly, you can beat Marshal, too!


With Grimsley, try a Scrafty.


Other good Pokemon would be Hoxorus, Hydreigon, and Gigalith. Hope this helps!


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