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Didnt see a better place to put this, soo....




TCG = win. (Anyone remember the GB version? ^^) However, I have never actually played with another person before, so some things I dont know about.




I've read somewhere online that if you play in a current or upcoming TCG tournament, that only cards from HG/SS or B&W will be accepted. Is this true?




Also, I never seem to see any Energy Removal cards being used. Do they not make them in the newer cards?




And finally, I know the rule used to be if you had a Japanese card with proper translation, it was okay to play with. Does this still stand?




I ask all this because I'm working up the courage to go to my local comic shop and maybe interact with a human being for a change....lol...


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  • GB version = win. Rain dance ftw.
  • To answer your question, the rulings on tournaments are up in the air. The 2010-2011 season is coming to a close, so if you are looking to win the world championship, you're kind of late. However, I think that there are still "Battle Roads" tournaments going on right now, which woud be great for a new player like yourself, because they are just small tournaments at local comic shops.
  • As for what cards can be played, right now you are allowed to use any cards from Majestic Dawn all the way up to black and white. However, there will probably be a mid-season rotation to HS-on sometime in july, and even if there isn't, the rotation for the next season will be HS-on anyway, so I wouldn't stock up on any pre-HS cards if I were you.
  • TL;DR: Just buy cards that are HS-on if you want to compete and not waste your money.

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