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I sent an email to support@pokemon.com. I got the following in return:


Thank you for contacting the Pokémon Support team. The email you have used is not valid. To submit your question, please visit our support portal at support.pokemon.com. Via our support portal, you'll find our FAQ knowledge base with many solutions to frequently asked questions. If you're unable to find what you're looking for, you can also submit your query directly to our support team via our 'ask a question' feature. Please see the 'contact us' link on our support home page to see your options for contacting us.




By the way, I have windows 7 and am using google chrome.




So should probably turn off the auto-reply feature lol.


Considering I don't want to keep emailing and getting auto-reply I have a bug and a suggestion:


Bug: When attacking while the opponent is burned (and if the defender would flip a tails and take damage from burn) it says the poke'mon is 'knocked out' before even flipping the coin or showing damage from the burn (the damage from the burn would be the damage that causes the poke'mon to be knocked out/ the poke'mon still has 10/20hp left after the attack). The 'knocked out' image should be fixed to where it shows after the damage from burn and the coin flip, otherwise a new player would be very confused as to why the poke'mon was knocked out with hp remaining prior to the burn damage and coin flip.


Suggestion: You should add a back button when on the current opponent screen. The reason being is so you can change your deck. Trainers can still refresh the page and pick there deck again, but the client does not load all the way sometimes and gets stuck at 99%. So it'd just be a big time saver to add a back button on the current opponent screen (the screen which shows the deck type, favorite city, name, and bio of the trainer you're about to challenge).




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Hi Koskee


We have indeed received your support ticket regarding the issues and suggestions you have described in the post above.


The auto-reply feature is implemented so that you are instantly notified that your ticket has been received and added to our queue of issues to be resolved.


The best way to submit a bug report is by directly emailing support@pokemon.com, so we can swiftly investigate the issue(s) you describe by immediately routing the ticket to the appropriate department for review.


We love hearing your feedback and suggestions, and are happy to hear that you're enjoying the game so far regular_smile.png






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