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Is my deck all right?


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This is only my second attempt at building my own deck, so don't be too harsh haha. These are all cards I have in real life as well, and I've found a nearby league that I want to check out so I want to know if this deck is decently playable. Thanks!


2 Pikachu-3Raichu


2 Shinx-2 Luxio-1 Luxray


1 Audino


2 Axew


4 Blitzle


2 Zekrom


1 Eviolite


2 Level Ball


4 Pokemon Communication


2 Cheren


4 Professor Juniper


2 Cilan


1 Pokemon Center


2 Energy Search


4 Energy Retrieval


3 Potion


1 Giant Cape


1 Tool Scrapper


1 N


8 Electric Energy


3 Double Colorless Energy


2 Prism Energy




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dont use this deck ever ok.id rate it 2 ,problem:to little pokemon ,1 luxray wont be good,add like pokemon catcher and n,well thats the problems .make a trade thread or tell me the good cards you have. run like zekeels ,i have most of the cards to make zekeels exept mewtwos,and could you rate my deck list? was i harsh?


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I don't have Catcher, Eeliktrik, Mewtwo, etc, any more Luxrays, or a whole lot of very good cards. Therefore, not much trading potential either. Dx


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Hello Artist92,


Id run 15 to 16 pokemon to start.Id run 20 to 25 supporters and trainer total together.and 19 to 20 energy.This makes for a more balanced deck.Allows for quicker set up.And dont run to many 2 to 3 stage pokemon.You could use rare candy to get around some of it.So a basic using rare candy can evolve to 2nd or 3rd stage and save time.Just depends on the type of deck or decks you want to run.Think about strategy for your deck and also drawing power for quicker set up.Look at zekrom and Eelektrik combos and emboar ability or typhlosion prime ability or feraligator prime ability.Think about these things,look at card weaknesses from decks your opponents run.Put all of this together and you'll have a great deck.But,rosita21 is right.Dont run this deck you have posted.Itll be beaten every time in expert.This is just some friendly advice from one trainer to another.


Good luck hoss.




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Ok, I'll take a look at the other cards I have and see what I can do. :) I was always told not to run too many Pokemon, but I'll see what difference that makes!




It's actually done very well in novice, which may or may not say something about the quality of the other decks I see lol.


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Is this one any better? I only have 1 of the Stage 2s because that's all I have. ;-;


2 Gothita - 2 Gothorita - 1 Gothitelle


1 Regigigas EX


2 Darumaka - 1 Darmanitan


1 Minccino


1 Torkoal


2 Litwick - 1 Lampent


1 Chansey - 1 Blissey


(Same Prism and DCE)


1 Blend Energy (G, F, P, D)


14 Psychic Energy


(Same T/S/S except for removal of Pokemon Center, Eviolite, and Tool Scrapper)


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If you don't have the Mewtwos for Zekrom/Eels, here's a general basic deck I build for newer tournament kids at my league. It's not great, but it's better than some random binder drop.




4-3 Eelektrik NVI


2 Zekrom


3 Thundurus EPO


3 Bouffalant DRX




9 Lightning Energy






This leaves you to go for whatever T/S/St you have. Definately play four Juniper, 4 N, and a split of Cheren and Bianca. Ultra Ball and Level Ball count should be about 6 or 7 combined. I like 4-2 Ultra/Level ball, personally. Skyarrow bridge is nice for Thundurus. Run at least three switch. Catchers should be added when you get some. Three Eviolite is also a must.


None of these cards should be too difficult to aquire. Bouffalant is an uncommon, Thundurus is fairly cheap and so is Zekrom (he also comes in a theme deck.)


The whole point of this is to function like an normal Zekrom/Eels deck, but to focus around starting with Thundurus to get energy on the field and using Bouffalant to counter all EX Pokémon, (except a couple that one shot it, like Mewtwo and Terrakion EX.) If you need any help, ask me, I'd be glad to help. Good luck and I hope you enjoy leagues! Great to see new people in the game.


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