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Twilla's trade thread


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Just starting out, so I'm always open to negotiation. I don't have much of a collection yet, but I do hope to very soon.




.:For Trade:.


Kyurem EX (Full Art) - 3 Packs


Thundurus (Full Art) - 2 Packs


Reshiram EX (Promo) - 2 Packs


Hydreigon (Nobel Victories) - 2 Packs


Chandelure [2 in stock (Flame Burst) - 1 Pack


Reshiram [2 in stock] (Next Destinies) - 1 pack


Palkia Dialga Legend, Bottom Half - 1 Pack






Nobel Victories Packs


Dragons Exalted Packs


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Hi I have all rares and most ex of both the expansions you want and just want packs atm, I have great prices go check my list.




There's no common or uncommon cards except for items at the list but i have TONS of those, any common price is 0.1 pack any uncommon 0.25 pack.




go check my list




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Rosita21: Packs preferably, though I am seeking select cards from each set. Notably Terrakion and Virizion from NV and Ability Sigilyph and Buffalaunt from DRX.


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