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Combining the basic decks


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i have started the game yesterday and after i've finished pretty much all the training battles i decided to see how good a deck can be from combining the cards of the basic decks. I know it may not be the most efficient way to get a competitive deck but i dont want to invest yet to packs (i already have a RL collection of pokemon cards).


TLDR: so heres the deal: I am trying to make a deck with cards from the Basic decks only.


the deck atm has:


Pokemons: 22


4 eve --> 3 vaporeon


4 mareep --> 3 flaafy --> 2 ampharos


1 pikatchu --> 1 raichu


3 Chinchu --> 1 Lanturn


Trainers: 14


Dual boll/Pokeboll 2/1


engineer/Prof elm/Prof oak 4/4/2


Energy: 24 12 lightning 12 water




any tips-hints and comments appreciated! help the newcomers! <img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/regular_smile.png" alt="" />


PS: i've manage to win some players even though they had EX cards.


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How were you able to make a deck using anything other than that basic lightning deck they give you to play with against other people? I couldnt find how to import the cards from the blue/red/green decks over. I unlocked all the cards in the blue deck and would love to use that online.




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That really depends on the kind of deck you want to build.And the strategy you want to use.Keep in mind that drawing power is the real key to any deck.So the faster you set up the easier it is to do what needs to be done.So a few boosters may be key to boost your deck in the long run but not critical at this point in time.Think about the decks you have seen being run thus far and make your decsission from their.Then decide the best way to use what you have.High powered cards doesnt mean an instant win.They certainly help boost the deck capability,but they are not essential.Think about these things and build you deck.


Good luck outof context and see you in battle.I love the chaos of battle and trade.Later.


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well, although i dont know how they get unlocked the only thing i did in the game was to beat all 3 training leagues and unlock all 7 cards from each deck (note: none of the decks are 36/36 wins)




i understand what you're saying shogun warrior, so the key is to have lots of trainers/supporters which will give me the power to draw cards and allow me to field the pokemons i want fast.


as far as the tactic i use with this deck is to try to get an ampharos as fast as possible and use it to attach energy to couple vaporeons then use them to destroy the benched pokemons of the enemy to grab a prize or 2.


however this deck has absoloutely no chance vs a deck with a mewtwo EX its just game over then


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I'd take out some energy in favor of Interviewer's Questions and Copycat. You can safely run 17-18 energy in here.


Also, I'd edit the pokemon lines somewhat. Chinchou is terrible once your Lanturn is knocked out. Either lower it to 2-1 or 1-1, or remove it entirely.


Then I'd thicken the Raichu line, since it helps with the damage spread concept. You might also want to consider Raticate for cheap knockouts once you've spread around a bit.




(My favorite free-cards deck is Ninetales, Typhlosion, Raticate. It's actually capable of a 2HKO on an eviolited EX if given favorable conditions. :) )


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