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What do you think Ash would do if he faced an irreversible problem?


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Ok here's the situation. Aliens from space known either as the Borg from Star Trek, or Strogg from Quake series, invade the world of Pokemon. The Borg assimilate other species for perfection, and the Strogg Stroggifies other species to increase their numbers.




As we all know, somebody steals Ash%***********, and Ash always gets it back.




Now suppose that the strogg makes Ash%*********** faint, like they do in the games, steals it, kind of what Team Rocket was trying to do for the past many seasons, and stroggifies it. Stroggification involves cutting off limbs and replacing them with prosthetic ones such as guns or blades, and ALL the metal bits are grafted onto the nervous system so removing those metal bits will **** Pikachu. After that, a chip is inserted into the brain and after the chip is scanned, instructions are sent from the Strogg homeworld, and is controlling Ash%***********'s every move. Removing that chip wil also make Pikachu be worse off than fainting. Ash%*********** no longer lives off whatever food he eats, but now lives off of some liquid processed from human and pokemon flesh.




Now that Ash%*********** became a strogg, and stroggification is irreversible, like how they mention in Quake 4, what is Ash going to do? The Marines in Quake 2 and 4 treat their former comrades as enemies now and won't hesitate to shoot them. What would Ash do in this same situation where Ash%*********** suddenly goes from best friend to worst enemy, and this situation is irreversible? Will Ash...




Cry and mope and become depressed,




Get revenge against the Strogg by joining the SMC (Space Marine Corps),




Try to waste his time by trying to reverse an irreversible process,




Or, do nothing and act as if nothing ever happened?






The Censored part is Ash's best friend who is yellow and shoots lightning bolts.


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