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anybody play the games on pokemon.com?


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I play the funzone games. my highest score is 153,000 on tepigs toaster (the one that's kinda like bouncing balls) but it won't read it as my high score and it says 73,500...


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Kinda hard to get away from the standard avatar if you don't play the games...,


but ever since I had enough trainer tokens to buy all limited items in the trainer store for less than half of what I owned,


playing the games lost it's appeal towards using my time for it, so I play them only ever so often now.


My favorite game, I do believe, is Sableye's Gem Journey, where I rank # 1018 at 220.000 points.


My highest score in number of points is 377.390 ranking me # 976 at Drifloon's Fill & Float.


My highest ranking is # 81 with 92.600 points in Eevee's Tile Trial, probably because it's the fastest way for me to max. out the 15 tokens for the week when I haven't played and the deadline is up soon.


Other than that the only thing notewhorthy is that I rank # 772 at Teddiursa's Garden Patch with 3510 points,


since I don't believe you'd really be interested in knowing all my high scores.


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