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A lot of cards... but need help making a deck (card list included)


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I have a lot of cards so with my first decks I tried just powering through people with EX's... I realized that isn't what always works. I would like some expert advice on building a deck and/or what cards I should try to aquire.


--- I thought of making some sort of mewtwo EX and zorurak foul play deck.. but idk if that would work.


Here are my rare cards: (with a few uncommons)


*Dragons Exalted:


Aggron x1


Alomomola x5


altaria x3


ambipom x7


ampharos x2


beautifly x3


Braviary x2


claydol x1


drifblim x1


dustox x1


garbodor x1


garchomp (mach cut) x1


grachomp (sand tomb) x3


Gigalith x1 shiny x1


golurk x4


gothitelle x5


honchkrow x7


ho-oh FA EX x1


houndoom x3


hydreigon x8


jumpluff x1


magmortar x2


manectric x4


marowak x3


milotic x1


ninetales x3


probopass x5


rayquaza FA EX x1


Registeel FA EX x1


roserade x4


seismitoad x3


shedinja x4


sigilyph x2


slaking x2


Terrakion EX x1


wailord x1


walrein x3


yanmega x4


*Dark Explorers:


Aerodactyl x1


Bisharp x4


Blaziken x1


Blissey x1


Carnivine x2


Cofargrigus x1


Darkrai EX x1


Elektross x3


Empoleon x2


Entei FA EX x1


Escavalier x2


Espeon x2


Excadrill x2


Galvantula x2


Glaceon x1


Haxorus x2


Heatmor x4


Klinkklang x1


Leafeon x3


Raikou EX x1


Scrafty x2


Slowking x2


Stouland x2


Swanna x1


Venusaur x1


Zoroark x2 (brutal Bash)


*Next Destinies


Amoonguss x2


Articuno x3


Beartic x1


Beheeyem x1


Bronzong x2


Darmanitan x1


Emboar x1


Gardevoir x1


Jellicent x3


Lapras x1


Lucario x1


luxray x3


Moltres x2


Muk x4


Musharna x1


Regigigas FA EX x1


Reshiram EX x1


Scrafty x3


Shiftry x1


Simipour x2


Simisage x2


Simisear x1


Weavile x1


Wigglytuff x1


Zapdos x2


Zebstrika x1


Zekrom x1


*Emerging Powers


Beartic x1


Cobalion x1


*Black and White


Reshiram x1


*call of legends


Tyrogue x1




Altaria x1


Ambipom x1


Carnivine x1


Dugtrio x2


Elekid x1


Machamp x2


Magmortar x1


Mamoswine x1


Nidoqueen x1


Palkia & Dialga Legend bottom x1


Pidgeot x2


Rapidash x1


Sharpedo x2


Spiritbomb x1


Victreebel x1


Wailord x2




Togekiss x2




Blastoise x2


Kingdra x2


Lanturn x2


Magmortar x2


Ninetales x2


Torterra x1


Usaring x2


*Heart Gold & Soul Silver


Ampharos x4


Arcanine x2


Butterfree x1


Feraligatr x3


Meganium x1


Typhlosion x6


*Trainer kits


Exadrill x2


Zoroark x2




Battle city x2


Kyurem EX x1


Reshiram x1


Zekrom x1




-I also have 6 Bouffalant and pretty much and other uncommons I need


*Trainers and special energys i have most of the ones I need. However I only ave 1 junk arm and 1 rare candy for decks that use those.






























































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