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Won't save "For Trade" updates for certain cards


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For certain specific cards in my collection, changes in the number of cards marked "For Trade" of that card aren't saved once I exit the collection. If I exit the collection and come back, the number of those cards that are marked "For Trade" will be set to a number that I had them on previously before I made a change. There is this rare card that I was at one time willing to trade, but then I found a place for it in one of my decks. What's annoying is that I have to keep taking that card off my "For Trades" everytime that I enter my collection because it's one of those certain cards that won't save changes. And I don't want this card ruining an otherwise good trade because somebody requested it thinking that I was willing to give it up. Then there are certain common cards that I have more copies of than I did at a previous time when I marked them "For Trade." And every time I mark one more of those cards, they will be reset to a previous number every time I exit the collection. This problem exists for only certain specific cards in my collection, while most of my cards do not have this problem. What's also weird is that I can mark the problem cards as "Wanted" and thosse changes will be saved. Does anybody else have a problem like this?


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