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Pinch Cover Decklist


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Please do help with my decklist! It doesn't seem perfect, but it's hopefully pretty novel. It's worked well against some opponents so here it is:




Pokemon - 14


3 Pinsir NXD


2 Victini NVI 14


2 Solosis BLW


1 Duosion BLW


2 Reuniclus BLW


2 Zekrom BLW


2 Durant DRX




Supporters -10


3 N


3 Cheren


2 Bianca


2 Professor Juniper




Items - 22


2 Switch


4 Pokemon Catcher


2 Rare Candy


2 Level Ball


4 Eviolite


2 Giant Cape


2 Tool Scrapper


2 Crushing Hammer


2 Enhanced Hammer




Stadium - 2


2 Skyarrow Bridge




Energies - 12


8 Lightning Energy


4 Double Colorless Energy




The strategy is to punish decks which try to set up early with Eviolite Pinsir, who can easily dispose of at least one Energy per turn. The Eviolite increases Pinsir's capability to take hits. Victini (Fliptini) is there to bolster this purpose, by allowing re-flips should Pinsir fail to flip into a heads. Reuniclus and Giant Cape Zekrom are actually a separate strategy, allowing any possible damage taken by Pinsir to be damage swapped onto Zekrom. Giant Cape increases Zekrom's HP, allowing it to take more damage transferred to it by Reuniclus while dishing back more pain with Outrage. Durant is simply there to retrieve necessary cards e.g. when Pinsir or Zekrom is KOed.


Pokemon Catcher allows Pinsir to take away more energy from opposing Benched Pokemon which sit on the Bench, trying to slowly charge up its Energy. The Hammers will take away more Energy, aiding to Pinsir's cause. The Level Balls search out Reuniclus or Duosion accordingly, whose HPs are all 90 or less. Switch prevents Reuniclus from been opposing Catcher fodder.


On the whole, this deck should shut down an opponent's offense, but at a pace good enough to allow Zekrom to build up damage taken. Otherwise, Zekrom can always Bolt Strike to grow its own offense and at least 2HKO opponents. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave a reply. Thanks!




*sorry double posted! please take this one down mods. thanks.*


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