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Looking for Machamp Prime!


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<div>x1 Caterpie</div>

<div>x1 Chickorita</div>

<div>x1 Hoppip</div>

<div>x2 Ladyba</div>

<div>x2 Paras</div>

<div>x1 Parasect</div>

<div>x1 Spinarak</div>

<div>x3 Vulpix</div>

<div>x2 Delibird</div>

<div>x2 Magikarp</div>

<div>x1 Mantine</div>

<div>x1 Staryu</div>

<div>x2 Starmie</div>

<div>x4 Totodile</div>

<div>x1 Croconaw</div>

<div>x2 Wooper</div>

<div>x2 Mareep</div>

<div>x2 Ampharos</div>

<div>x2 Exeggcute</div>

<div>x2 Jynx</div>

<div>x1 Koffing</div>

<div>x1 Unown (FLASH)</div>

<div>x1 Donphan</div>

<div>x1 Sandshrew</div>

<div>x1 Tyrogue</div>

<div>x1 Dunsparce</div>

<div>x1 Hoothoot</div>

<div>x1 Igglybuff</div>

<div>x3 Jigglypuff</div>

<div>x3 Wigglytuff</div>

<div>x1 Miltank</div>

<div>x3 Sentret</div>

<div>x1 Furret</div>

<div>x2 Snubbull</div>

<div>x1 Slowpoke</div>

<div>x1 Copycat</div>

<div>x1 Moomoo milk</div>

<div>x3 Pokeball</div>

<div>x2 Pokegear</div>

<div>x3 Switch</div>


<div>HS Unleashed:</div>


<div>x1 Carnivine</div>

<div>x2 Cherubi</div>

<div>x3 Cherrim</div>

<div>x2 Roselia</div>

<div>x1 Tropius</div>

<div>x2 Grotle</div>

<div>x2 Weedle</div>

<div>x1 Kakuna</div>

<div>x2 Magmar</div>

<div>x2 Numel</div>

<div>x3 Vulpix</div>

<div>x4 Buizel</div>

<div>x3 Floatzel</div>

<div>x4 Horsea</div>

<div>x2 Seadra</div>

<div>x2 Manaphy</div>

<div>x2 Poliwhirl</div>

<div>x2 Remoraid</div>

<div>x5 Chinchou</div>

<div>x1 Lanturn</div>

<div>x3 Minun</div>

<div>x1 Plusle</div>

<div>x2 Jirachi</div>

<div>x3 Misdreavus</div>

<div>x1 Mismagius</div>

<div>x5 Natu</div>

<div>x1 Xatu</div>

<div>x2 Zubat</div>

<div>x2 Riolu</div>

<div>x2 Aipom</div>

<div>x1 Dunsparce</div>

<div>x5 Spearow</div>

<div>x2 Fearow</div>

<div>x2 Stantler</div>

<div>x3 Tourus</div>

<div>x2 Teddiursa</div>

<div>x2 Ursaring</div>

<div>x2 Beldum</div>

<div>x2 Metang</div>

<div>x1 Top Half Entei & Raikou Legend</div>

<div>x1 Larvitar (50HP)</div>

<div>x2 Larvitar (60HP)</div>

<div>x1 Tyranitar</div>

<div>x3 Onix (Poke-Body)</div>

<div>x6 Onix</div>

<div>x1 Steelix</div>

<div>x1 Bottom Half Suicune & Entei Legend</div>

<div>x3 Emcee's Chatter</div>

<div>x3 Engineer's Adjustments</div>

<div>x2 Good Rod</div>

<div>x1 Interviewer's Questions</div>

<div>x1 PlusPower</div>


<div>HS Undaunted:</div>


<div>x1 Drifblim</div>

<div>x2 Doduo</div>

<div>x1 Beldum</div>

<div>x1 Metang</div>

<div>x1 Metagross</div>

<div>x1 Espeon</div>

<div>x1 Jolteon</div>

<div>x1 Umbreon</div>

<div>x1 Top Half Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend</div>

<div>x1 Legend Box</div>


<div>HS Triumphant</div>


<div>x4 Bellsprout</div>

<div>x1 Weepingbell</div>

<div>x1 Victreebell</div>

<div>x5 Illumise</div>

<div>x2 Kricketot</div>

<div>x8 Venonat</div>

<div>x2 Volbeat</div>

<div>x2 Yanma</div>

<div>x2 Yanmega</div>

<div>x2 Magby</div>

<div>x1 Magmar</div>

<div>x1 Magmortar</div>

<div>x2 Ponyta</div>

<div>x1 Luvdisc</div>

<div>x6 Psyduck</div>

<div>x5 Golduck</div>

<div>x4 Swinub</div>

<div>x4 Piloswine</div>

<div>x5 Tentacool</div>

<div>x3 Tentacruel</div>

<div>x3 Wailmar</div>

<div>x3 Wailord</div>

<div>x4 Electabuzz</div>

<div>x2 Elekid</div>

<div>x2 Magnemite</div>

<div>x5 Magneton</div>

<div>x1 Magnezone (Prime)</div>

<div>x4 Voltorb</div>

<div>x2 Electrode</div>

<div>x3 Gastly</div>

<div>x2 Haunter</div>

<div>x2 Nidoran F</div>

<div>x2 Nidorina</div>

<div>x1 Nidoqueen</div>

<div>x5 Shuppet</div>

<div>x1 Spiritomb</div>

<div>x6 Spoink</div>

<div>x4 Unown (CURE)</div>

<div>x4 Cubone</div>

<div>x1 Marowak</div>

<div>x2 Diglett</div>

<div>x1 Dugtrio</div>

<div>x1 Lunaton</div>

<div>x3 Machop</div>

<div>x2 Machoke</div>

<div>x7 Carvanha</div>

<div>x2 Aron</div>

<div>x2 Lairon</div>

<div>x2 Bronzor</div>

<div>x6 Aipom</div>

<div>x2 Ditto</div>

<div>x6 Dratini</div>

<div>x2 Dragonite</div>

<div>x1 Kangaskhan</div>

<div>x11 Lickitung</div>

<div>x3 Lickilicky</div>

<div>x5 Pidgey</div>

<div>x1 Pidgeotto</div>

<div>x5 Porygon</div>

<div>x2 Porygon 2</div>

<div>x5 Swablu</div>

<div>x1 Celebi</div>

<div>x2 Top Half Darkrai & Cresselia Legend</div>

<div>x4 Nidoran M</div>

<div>x4 Nidorino</div>

<div>x1 Top Half Palkia & Dialga Legend</div>

<div>x1 Bottom Half Palkia & Dialga Legend</div>

<div>x4 Skorupi</div>

<div>x1 Drapion</div>

<div>x1 Black Belt</div>

<div>x2 Indigo Plateau</div>

<div>x1 Junk Arm</div>

<div>x1 Rescue Energy</div>

<div>x1 Twins</div>


<div>Call of Legends</div>


<div>x1 Ho-Oh</div>

<div>x2 Gyarados</div>

<div>x1 Relicanth</div>

<div>x4 Croconaw</div>

<div>x1 Deoxys (Normal)</div>

<div>x1 Hitmonlee</div>

<div>x1 Skarmory</div>

<div>x1 Forretress</div>

<div>x1 Interviewer's Questions</div>

<div>x1 Lost World</div>


<div>Black & White</div>


<div>x6 Deerling</div>

<div>x2 Sawbuck</div>

<div>x2 Maractus (Uncommon)</div>

<div>x7 Pansage</div>

<div>x2 Semisage</div>

<div>x6 Petilil</div>

<div>x7 Snivy (Tackle)</div>

<div>x6 Snivy (Leaf Blade)</div>

<div>x6 Servine (Wrap)</div>

<div>x6 Servine (Wring Out)</div>

<div>x3 Serperior (Non Ability)</div>

<div>x8 Darumaka (Firebreathing)</div>

<div>x1 Darumaka (Singe)</div>

<div>x2 Darmanitan</div>

<div>x7 Pansear</div>

<div>x5 Semisear</div>

<div>x8 Tepig (Tackle)</div>

<div>x3 Tepig (Take Down)</div>

<div>x6 Pignite (Flame Charge)</div>

<div>x1 Pignite (Rollout)</div>

<div>x2 Emboar (Non Ability)</div>

<div>x4 Emboar (Ability)</div>

<div>x6 Alomomola (Uncommon)</div>

<div>x2 Alomomola (Rare)</div>

<div>x5 Baskculin</div>

<div>x7 Ducklett</div>

<div>x2 Swanna</div>

<div>x5 Oshawott (Tackle)</div>

<div>x4 Oshawott (Razor Shell)</div>

<div>x4 Dewott (90HP)</div>

<div>x2 Dewott (80HP)</div>

<div>x4 Samurott (Non Ability)</div>

<div>x1 Samurott (Ability)</div>

<div>x11 Panpour</div>

<div>x2 Simipour</div>

<div>x6 Blitzle (Rear Kick)</div>

<div>x3 Blitzle (Stomp)</div>

<div>x6 Zebstrika (Uncommon)</div>

<div>x1 Zebstrika (Rare)</div>

<div>x1 Joltik (40HP)</div>

<div>x6 Joltik (30HP)</div>

<div>x1 Galvantula</div>

<div>x3 Munna</div>

<div>x1 Musharna</div>

<div>x3 Solosis</div>

<div>x5 Duosion</div>

<div>x2 Reuniclus</div>

<div>x4 Venipede</div>

<div>x4 Whirlipede</div>

<div>x2 Scolipede</div>

<div>x5 Woobat</div>

<div>x1 Swoobat</div>

<div>x2 Sandile</div>

<div>x2 Krokorok</div>

<div>x2 Krookodile</div>

<div>x5 Timburr (60HP)</div>

<div>x5 Timburr (70HP)</div>

<div>x4 Gurdurr</div>

<div>x6 Purrloin</div>

<div>x1 Liepard</div>

<div>x2 Scraggy</div>

<div>x2 Scrafty</div>

<div>x2 Vullaby</div>

<div>x1 Mandibuzz</div>

<div>x3 Zorua</div>

<div>x1 Zoroark</div>

<div>x5 Klink</div>

<div>x2 Klang</div>

<div>x3 Audino</div>

<div>x5 Bouffalant (Uncommon)</div>

<div>x2 Bouffalant (Rare)</div>

<div>x3 Lillipup (50HP)</div>

<div>x7 Lillipup (60HP)</div>

<div>x4 Herdier</div>

<div>x2 Stoutland</div>

<div>x6 Minccino</div>

<div>x5 Patrat (50HP)</div>

<div>x5 Patrat (60HP)</div>

<div>x2 Watchog</div>

<div>x10 Pidove</div>

<div>x4 Tranquill</div>

<div>x2 Unfezant</div>

<div>x6 Energy Retrieval</div>

<div>x15 Energy Search</div>

<div>x2 Energy Switch</div>

<div>x4 Full Heal</div>

<div>x4 Pokeball</div>

<div>x4 Pokedex</div>

<div>x7 Pokemon Communication</div>

<div>x8 Potion</div>

<div>x10 Professor Juniper</div>

<div>x9 Revive</div>

<div>x1 Switch</div>



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Would love to trade for the emboar with ability is there any other cards apart from Machamp Prime that you're after?


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