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Just beat 3 Mewtwo & Reshiram EX with Modded Basic Deck!


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I just beat 3 Mewtwo EX (1 KO, 2 retreated with ~140 dmg), a Thunderous (retreated with 100 dmg) and 2 Reshiram (1 EX, 1 130 HP) IIRC. Unfortunately the guy conceded before I could knock out his active Mewtwo EX. He had 480 dmg across his Pokemon and I was about to deal another 120. He played very well and spread damage as much as he could but I beat him with my modified Basic Blue deck. Final score was 5-1 (about to be 6-1).


I wanted to add him to my friends list after the game but couldn't find him. His name was gumboy something.


I just had to share this story. embarassed_smile.png


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