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Basic Blue deck and Power Relay unlocked pre-update


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So I played through the Trainer Challenge with the Basic Blue deck and the Power Relay deck before the big PVP update. I unlocked all the cards before the update.


After the update I unlocked all 7 in Basic Green cards and they were added to my collection, but the Basic Blue and Power Relay were not. I'm assumung this is because they were unlocked pre-update. Is there a way to reset the decks or game? Or just some kinda way to get the Basic Blue and Power Relay cards in my collection? Thanks.


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Hey Paparockzzi!


We are currently investigating this function so that we can provide the community with a verified response on this topic. The best thing to do right now is to stay tune on the forums for information on this topic.




Professor Watermelon



"There is no knowledge that is not Power"


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