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can profs please make a twitter


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It happened again, the minute the servers should go back up, maintenance gets extended by two entire hours and i am pretty sure you knew half an hour ago already that you would not make the deadline of 10 pm GMT..


Now this is all fine if you would notify us on time. I wait here especially for over 20 minutes for the servers to go up. Then at the very last minute it gets postponed by 2 hours (at least, who knows what will happen then)


So could you please create an official twitter (or facebook or any other communication thing) to inform us on time in case maintenance will take longer.


Because during previous maintenance, which took 5 days,t he forum was also down and no one had a clue if the game would be up in 2 minutes, in 2 days or 2 weeks.


(also replacing all those numbers and timezones with a countdown timer would be much better. )




*maintenance should end at 10:00 pm GMT. At 10:01 pm GMT i gets changed to 12:00 am GMT. (2 hours later). But at 10:11 pm GMT servers are up.


So 1 minute after first deadline it gets extended by 2 hours but it is finished in 10 minutes. Did superman fly through the office?


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