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weres my stuff??


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i had 5 booster credits 289 tokens and there all gone???


my avatars different?


my decks are gone?


and all i have is that stupid basic yellow deck were the hells my stuff??


i dont care about the tokens or the decks (though i did have 2 boosters from next destinies)


i want my booster credits back as going by the way the "new" versions shaping up im not the only one whos missing stuff


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I have basiacally the same question, I just started playing the game with my sons, we bought a lot of theme decks, and they are (with the exception of dragonsnarl) only usable in the trainer challenge. Will I ever be able to use all the other theme decks in the versus section, or since I redeemed them before they are gone now? I do not have the cards anymore..


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Dont worry, the cards should go to your collection so you can customise decks with it.


Since my basic blue, basic red, basic green, basic yellow and power relay deck did all go into my collection.


So if you have already unlocked enough wins to completely unlock the deck but did not receive it yet, it is a bug.


Just be patient, they are working on it. But you will get it eventually.


As for the 0 tokens and 0 booster credits. Everyone has it, and it has happened several times now. They all show 0, half an hour later you check again and it shows the correct amount. Then it shows 0 again, some time later the correct amount again.


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