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anything and everything pokemon


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okay, snivy's level 14, like i thought.


attack: 21


defense: 20


sp. atk: 18


sp. def: 23


speed: 28


nature: jolly


and it's a boy.


and, here's his moves: tackle, leaf blade, leer, vine whip.


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It all depends on a pokemon's strengths and weaknesses. For example, an Espeon with a modest nature would have a ten percent increase in the Sp. Atk. Stat and a ten percent decrease in the attack stat. Oh, and I'm waiting in the WiFi club :)


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mega punch


gyro ball


double team


no item






Giga drain


bug buzz


power swap




miracle seed






belly drum


flare blitz


fire punch


super power


no item






close combat


brick break






no item.








wild charge


flame charge


flame wheel


no items






hydro pump






dragon dance


no item






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hmm....give me alittle time to think it through. i may not be all that smart, or real good with computers, but i know what i'm doing when it come's to pokemon!


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okay, first i'll give you tips i learned from ray rizzo, for future times. don't have anymore then 2 pokemon that share a common weakness. it's not good. like you have three pokemon all weak against water. now, here's what i've come up with:


when against psychic and water type pokemon, use accelgor and volcorona. use the giga drain for the water first, then work on the psychic. use bug buzz and flamethrower. same if your fighting a dark type. but if you fight tyranitar, use accelgor and kingdra instead. if they have a tyranitar, you know they are going to use it. but they may save it for later on, so be sure to use recover with accelgor to keep it from passing out.


okay, i'll think alittle bit more, so give me more time.


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