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hey, guys! back from the dream world!


and fred, i have a cobalion you could borrow. whenever you want it, just put your fc and name here, and i'll give you mine, and there you go :)


and i have a snivy you could have, spikle. and after the autumn friendly is done, and i can get my emboar outta there, i could breed it and give you the tepig. anything to help a friend!


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Thanks! My collection of starters is almostt complete :)


Edit: if you want, I can give you a Kecleon since I'm breeding them now, or if there's any other particular Pokemon you want, I can check if I have it.


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lol, no problem, spikle. i'll tell ya when i have the turtwig, and tepig for you. and do you want the snivy now? though, i don't remember what level it is, like 14 or something. oh! a kecleon! i've never had one of those. i could take one of those, then!


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No, its okay :) here's its stats, they're really good o.o


Nature: Rash


HP: 12


Def.: 6


Sp. Atk.: 6


Sp. Def.: 6


Speed: 5


Atk.: 7


And it's a girl.


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