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anything and everything pokemon


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lmao. i've noticed alot of people using dragon types, and they will almost always use their dragons in the battle, so use pokemon good against that type, or one that has ice/dragon type moves.


and, does anyone have a fire stone? i wanna evolve my eevee into flareon, but i don't have a fire stone!


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oh, ok. i don't usually trade pokemon cuz the pokemon other people want is just outrageous. like, i tried to get a skitty, and they want zekrom under level 9 :/ it's impossible. and dumb, there's almost no way to get a pokemon like that.


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yeah. hey, if you ever want a pokemon, you can trade with me. i have some. some starters, and other random pokemon. and they're all real pokemon, not cheated. i don't do cheated pokemon.


and i'd be an awesome prof :D but i'm too young to be one....


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I have a lot of starters, but not all of them:










I need a Tepig








I need a Snivy










I never noticed I'm missing only a few o: o:


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at the snow city in black and white (the first one) you can change tis form


if you bring terrakion virzion cobalion and keldeo to that field there it changes its form so can I just borrow it cause I traded my cobalion


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